hullo stephanie. how is/are/framtangle(delux)/were you. i recently had a dream about you. as far as i can recall you were with some people on this grassy hill. it was a fucking beautiful grassy hill. the kind of quality hill that one might see if they ever happened upon some teletubbies. there were no teletubbies to my relief. the grass was kind of like the grass they have at hastings, that ridiculously lush golf course grass. i was wearing a suit, fancy hat, and a sandwich board similar to the one worm by bruce willis in the die hard movie with samuel l. jackson. i dont know what was on the sandwich board. im not sure if i had pants. maybe the suit was so comfortable because i didnt have pants on. people are always describing really comfortable clothing as feeling like "youre wearing nothing at all." i probably didnt have pants. man, what a fucking awesome hill. so, im going nowhere with this and have a nice day!