"Hannah Russell" <>






Sun, 15 Jul 2001 14:40:47 -0500


I got rid of my spider. I didn't kill it though, i flushed it out, and then used your "spider stick trick" it didn't work so well, we I got my spider on the stick it jumped off, even though i would have taken it to like a bush or something so it could rebuild its web. I feel monsterously bad even though I didn't kill it. I think the main problem was, was that it was making me clastraphobic. Whew, that was a lot of wases, wasn't it?!

I feel that it is only fair that you let me repay your services with one of mine. I don't know what though, I just know that my feet won't do. So at the time I have nothing, to offer, never fear though, I'll figure something out. Oh, yes. I'm going to try to build a kiln so if that works then I'll make you something of the potery kind. Till then take this gesture and think of me. Right-o.


PS Mum-kay translates to Fuck, cause fuck is the worst word that you can say.