outlandish pool gunck


Thu, 21 Jun 2001 14:49:45 EDT

we;; as you can see by my lack of write backness, i don't get online often.

i hope things are good, did you check into that utpa biz? i've decided to go
to stcc, see cause my stepfather works there i get in free for two years, and
though that means missing out on fun filled classes with people i knew and
never really cared for in high school, i think i'll go with the free choice.

my car broke already, the belt tore off, cause a pulley thing stopped moving
properly, but it was promptly fixed for a small amt. of 200 dollars, which my
grandparents paid. man they spoil me to the max.

that little memo pad, well it wasnt all i hoped it to be, i had hoped to put
more in, but i wanted to give it to you before school ended or we started to
fall apart anymore than we have. i was going to call you the other night
well actually about 2 weeks ago, to see if you were up to a spontanious
outing adventure but the verdict was not in my favor, i figured you were
probably doing things that were out of this world.