Subj: wig out to the tune of an arid desert

Date: 5/12/01 9:54:56 PM !!!First Boot!!!

From: (no yes)

To: trippychick170



I never did have walkie talkies. Only the cool kids had them and I must have been a square because I didnít have one let alone a pair.

Its an interesting concept of the eternally connected walkie talkie. Such a hopeful and imaginative child you must have been.

If superman was real I suppose I would want him to have the other walkie talkie.

"come in superman, im low on gas, can you fly me to subway?"

"sure thing little mortal"


but seeing as how much evidence suggests that superman isnt real id have to search for a more realistic companion.

I think it might be nice if you had it. With the connection perhaps we could venture to have an actual conversation. Surely given infinite time it would happen. That would be nice.