Re: conflagration creed of constancy


3/4/01 10:31:18 PM !!!First Boot!!!





as for spring break...nothing..i was going to go to flordia with alyson but her mom said no and then i was going to go to daytona beach with Bond but those plans fell through so i am going to go shopping! That is all i could think of tyhat would keep me occupied for a week! Well, i am glad to hear that you enjoy..pliars! Well, I dont know what to say....sorry to hear about you falling off of the roof...that must have been pretty bad...dont blame the got up there in the first place! That wasn't to smart of you if it was raining...I mean think about it Rain+Roof=Falling Kris on Slippery surface!!! HAHA! okauy i am sorry....i will see you tomorrow! I must be going!