restful bomb concentrate


2/28/01 2:33:50 AM !!!First Boot!!!





i would like to give a rockin thank you out to stephanie. i woke up dead this morning with the thing that many people have disease wise. my mom gave me these great pills. then you gave me a great daisy. by the middle of 1st period either the flower or the pills kicked in and all my deadness turned to warmness. medical folk might say that it was the pills but im more than sure it was the daisy. i wound the flower around my wrist and since im a moderately spastic fellow it incurred a bit of damage due to my shenanigans. in calculus i took it off and crushed it flower style in my calc book so as to preserve. by the middle of 4th period i was dying again. yeah, thats the flower too. over all: rockin! i played soccer after school and we lost to some dudes by like 84 points. i blame society. i went to oakenfold. that was neat. i highly recommend doing neat things, they are most often neat, as in the case of oakenfold.