is it all a purple thingy


1/9/01 5:42:18 AM !!!First Boot!!!





i guess you really shot down my cloud watching bit huh? well its okey i didn't take it as an insult i think its more of a realization that not everybody thinks the way you do. i think i'm the most stereotypical person in the world, i mean anything that classifies a teenager i've done it...i won't go into the list, but its all there. sometimes i think it gets me down that i'm so freakin average, you know i'm just like everyone thinks a teen should be, but other times i think "man i wish i had a bunny"...i used to have a bunny, two in fact, they ran away, i think it was their destiny to be free. ah destiny, makes me wonder if its all planned for me, if all the good and bad things are so unavoidable that i should just go with the flow of it al and never try to cahnge it, cause its unavoidable. but then it makes you think, maybe i'm supposed to put up a fight and thats whats unavoidable...i don't know.