1/25/01 11:40:45 PM !!!First Boot!!!





hey i wrote a story today during 4th period and i'd like to share the wealth of my undiscovered talent.

one fine day while strolling an uninhabited park, a medium size pigeon landed on my shoe....right away i stopped and tried to shake the obviously diranged pigeon from my foot attire, but the fowl would not budge. he peared up at me and softly whispered "nevermore". i gazed upon him (partly in shock of the whole talking bird bit, partly cause i felt like it) and i retorted "you dumb bird, that line is already taken, by that famous author dude and his black bird" soon as my harsh gesture of words had been uttered the bird smoothly stepped off my shoe to my left and yelled at the top his little chick lungs " OH YEAH,SCREW YOU!!!!"
and flew away.

moral of todays story........let people be whoever they want to be, and watch out for people who pick pocket.