arid masses of timid geese


1/15/01 3:18:09 PM !!!First Boot!!!





time is a capsule that i wish i would treasure a bit more. i mean that you never think about it but you're going to die and every second you sit and waste your life doing something that doesn't make you happy...well those seconds are just wasting away. moving past us turning the present into the past. so quickly that you don't even know that your missing all these seconds. they just fly kinda makes me sad, and i sit and watch the clock tick...and i sit some more...and i'm still sad...i think i have to change that very soon. but thats more of me living in reality.

do you think if you're moving fast enough that you weigh less? does that make sense? i.e. if you were moving at high rates does this relate to your gravitational pull? does it somehow reduce your mass?

first period is great i have nothing to do.