slightly annoyed goose biscuit


1/7/01 8:07:33 PM !!!First Boot!!!





everything. yeah theres some clouds or some sort of wind yeah------->
[feature presentation] i went and saw traffic. thats real good. [video rental] i saw screwed with norm. that was all right. the rich doctor people across the street are wannabe farm folk and so they bought these guinea hens and a multitude of other farm shit. the guinea hens of course come over to our property because its nicer and there is more to eat. they are extra super stupid. a couple have already gotten run over. i see them as another shit producing mine setting foul device. damn them. i dont really know about batteries. i dont think it should affect alkaline or nickel cadmium batteries the only thing i could see it affecting is like car batteries where theyve got that liquid that could freeze or such. just a guess. ask a learned battery expert. they might know. the bunny!