charge it with wood, countess


1/5/01 7:20:44 AM !!!First Boot!!!





yeah friends are grand. grand is the word of friendship description. people full of life are good to be around. i like to leech a little life off them. i am the fucking parasitic god muffin. the people came over to my house tonight to do a thing for school. it was kind of nice to see some of my old junior high people again and again. they were not quite full of life. one was wearing sandals and was cold. moron. today i didnt go to good will. today i got up at 2 and immediately went to dominos pizza and ordered a medium pepperoni thin crust. 4.86 with tax and i ate it all on the doorstep in front of seans house because i didnt want to drive back by my house because the doctor that lives across the street would probably want me to stop and tell him about england. he goes there often. luckily when i was finished he was gone. i think i may become a pizza delivery boy. im not sure. maybe... pogo the face cauldren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!------------------>