chapstain classico fiasco


1/27/01 2:47:15 AM !!!First Boot!!!





i of course accept anything you offer including apologies. but butbut im rubber and you are glue so i am captain sorry guy reporting for punishdutyment. so sorryorryorry. i didnt end up going to mexico. as i was following the people with the destination power i heard ringing in the box beneath my right arm. i opened it and there was a little device. i picked it up and it went a crazie so i shut it up with button pushing and licking. while i was lickig it i heard a voice emenate from it. fuck! my first inhibition was to throw the voodoo device out the window. but then i realized it must be a moble phone and the voice must be some dude that needed something. it was some cronie of my dads that urgently needed some pick up power at the weslaco airport. i obliged an then went home and had a huge fucking subway sandwich. it was downwackright grand. i think c words and f words are my favorite words. theyve always treated me right.