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1/20/01 12:24:37 AM !!!First Boot!!!





cleanliness is next to godliness. i dont get it. hygiene is so over rated. timeliness is next to godliness. being a god is the only thing i think is even remotely close to godliness. mr. wileys daughter asked for cheetos for christmas. i really liked hearing that. cheetos!!!!!! i dont particularly like cheetos but i like the idea of having that one true want for an occasion such as christmas. pure genius. i feel kind of guilty that i can never stay awake in mr wileys class. im interested in the subject and i think hes a good teacher but thats prime nod time for me. damn the need for sleep at such inopportune times.

place in the face mondon.

thank you kind person for the collage. i say pure genius to you that placed the tree in the translucent hole. all that nonmakingbuthalfmaking sense stuff really hit the spot. it was really, really….prundle, if you get my groove. hoohehah.

i got my schedule all switcharooed and now i have lousy p.e. fernando and i are the only sa seniors. all the rest are freshmen and med high. nobody else takes a shower as one usually should take a shower. i feel naked and alone, because i am. not that i long for a nude companion but its kind of unfair that they all wear shorts and such and im all exposed. fortunatly today i didnt require a shower.

how about that weather. i saw some cold and then there was some wind. the……..beginning, dwoo, dwoo.

i found out why im doing so poorly in school. according to the psychology text book, three hot dogs or cold cut sandwiches can inhibit learning. that sucks for me. before i come to school i always have about 15 hotdogs and 25 packages of cold cuts. it fault not my learn not.

cheerio stephanie.