check that dig out, oh funky.


1/15/01 11:54:49 PM !!!First Boot!!!





thank you for those coins. i feel bad now that i only gave you one english pound because its is now evident to me that coins must be presented in trios if they are to be valued for means other than monetary. slap me in the face and call me jerkman. the metal is so dead. it does not ring out with a loud cry and say i am metal and i am worthy. same thing with the pounds. and american money. i did much dead jingling this day. thank you once again. i am not worthy.

holyshitcocktime. thinking about all the wasted time is reason for getting down in the sad. i consider my entire high school years a total waste. but then again what constitutes a waste. doing stuff that doesnt make you happy? perhaps. at one point i decided that maybe all the toil is good and completely necessary. if one was happy alllll the time you would built a tolerance to it and get into that taking it for granted zone that was mentioned before. reality bites. cram it with walnuts ugly reality.

speed and mass. that sounds to me like einsteins special theory of relativity. when you get to a speed of the order of about 20% the speed of light your mass decreases. without going at relativistic speeds you can weigh less by having your centripetal force act against the gravitational force. thats how satellites stay aloft. so run around the equator real fast. and the faster you go the longer someone else that isnt moving percieves you to live. going fast is win win.

psychology is a great class. its my first a day. boltie is in his element and pleasant. freshman year i had him for algebra II. he was deliberately mean all the time. i dont think he likes underclassmen or math very much. pretty soon ill have you figured out with all the good learning im getting. be afraid be very afraid.