Subj: i wish i had.


12/8/00 4:45:56 AM !!!First Boot!!!





kris .you know, it never amazes me...all your goodness, you always manage to write such great things to me. some day in the far away future, some alien is somehow going to get all of these e-mails we write, and they're going to use you as the inspiration in one of their films. your inspired part will be the lead character in a major love story comedy. he'll say all the right things and do everything perfectly.

when i lived in san antonio, around the age of 5 to 7, we lived in a two story home. beause my room was on the second story we had a window ladder in my room. you know the kind you hook to the side of the window, and roll out, down the side of the house in case of a fire. well it sat in my closet and everytime i looked at it, the urge just to climb out the window for no reason grew. but i never i wish i had.

i try to make it a point to try to not step on ants as i walk on the grass, they have a right to walk there and not stress that someone like myself is going to crush them for just no apparent reason.

how much did that silver box cost you to make?

sweet dreams. Stephanie