its perfect


12/7/00 1:03:33 AM !!!First Boot!!!





hey, to be completely honest your e-mail was the only thing occuping my area of e-mail containment. And i know i shouldn't tell you but everytime i do open up this certain containment area i always hope to see "vorange4" sitting there waitng to be read. but enough of that.

i'm sorry i have re-planted the "seed of stephanie" in you. i'm a bad seed to have in yourself. i guess i'm just a bad seed. yes x-men was a good movie. i enjoyed it. congratulations on your sucess in cal. i commend you. good show old man. please feel free t vent anytime, i've always got an open ear.
i've started my own business, so far so good. um as far as christmas, yes i do celebrate. and no it is not neede that you get me a gift. but you have to tell me all about it. if you see the sistine chapel, try to take it all in for me. is there anything you desire, now htat i'll have a bit-o-money come the holidays. have a lovely evening. the box is perfect.