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Fri, 21 Dec 2001 04:16:33 EST


       once i knew this guy who i adored and although we didnt always have
the greatest non-stop conversations i was enchanted by him.  and everytime i
was near him i wanted to tell him how much i was crazy about him, but each
time i tried i fucked it up in some way, each time i even got close to him
i'd screw up one way or another.   so i decided to stop talking to him cause
i couldnt bear to hurt him anymore than i possibly already had.  i'm not sure
if that was the right descion, but it was the one i made.  i dont really know
him anymore ( i'm not sure if i could handle it), though i wish i could. i
miss him and each time i see him i get nervous and happy, even though i dont
think i'm supposed to. do you think i'm crazy.