wait till the ball comes to you


12/14/00 4:35:33 AM !!!First Boot!!!





thank you for your concern in my friend, she'll be fine i'm sure.
you know my finger tips are always very cold. doesn't that mean i have bad circulation? i think i should exercise more. speaking of which, you know how i hate p.e., well today was so great. we played soccer, and i got real into it cause i was so lively. parly because bekah wasn't there, and i could truely be myself, and partly cause i like the sport. see i like volleyball because the ball comes to you. your assigned a nice little area and you try. you just hit the ball up. anyewhere up, and push for the over hit. and in soccer, you stick to a particuliar region of the court and you hit as hard as you can towards your opponents goal. its eaasy as long as you just try. you don't even have to try too hard. in baseball, you have to have skill to steal base and hit the ball far away and to one side, and you have to throw things to people and what if you throw badly, then your screwed.