12/11/00 5:17:00 PM !!!First Boot!!!





hey , so here i am, in r and d. my usual self.

i think i'm developing a habit problem. i think i won't think about it.

my brother's birthday was yesterday. he's 13. when he was much younger, he used to bury his toys in the yard, just here and there. and eventually it would rain and the dirt would fall off and our backyard would look like an old battlefield. with g-i-joes arms sticking up here and there.

you know i absolutely hated george clooney as batman. it was terrible. and arnold as mr. freeze was horrid. first of all i hate him as an actor, and second...yeah i hate him as an actor. i don't believe its his accent i think its just him.

i have this good friend of mine who feels real light headed in the morning. then she goes and does coke and she feels fine. she doesn't feel right unless shes wired or something. shes only been doing coke for a while. does this mean shes addicted?