reoccurring theme: cant robot explain


12/9/00 4:12:33 AM !!!First Boot!!!





oh mighty, ive been inundated by deals from you. i dont know if ill ever be able to catch up at this rate. oh bother

may i warn about you giving gifts to me. i dont receive gifts well. please please please refrain from purchasing me any sort of gift. i cant explain but it would just suit me so much better. thank you.

mike hamans a good guy. at least to good sorts like me, heh. in fact if i had to choose from all the people at school for my personal robot he would be first on my list.

sounds like a neat business. neat in that it makes money. sorry about partner jipping.

ruth was kind of disappointed that she didnt get invited to the running skipping party this morning. but teddy made up for it with a good tylenol and a vioxx.

i got dirty today having fun out in the muddy grass. i think its a good thing to get dirty in the name of youthful abandon fun joy jumping.

i stayed after school today for a defunct cintech deal. i just ended up laying in the cool grass with people. for a brief while your good bud rebekah stopped by. she stopped just long enough to put her stuff down and then pick it up and leave. but when she was leaving a picture fell out of her stuff. it was a picture of nick mezmar coming out of the shower. i tried to give it back but she said she didnt want it and ruth snatched it up.
we went to cicis pizza and were eating pizza. it was packed full of people. eventually a clown showed up and started making things and yelling and being clown like. he was a senior citizen clown. the thing about that is mark zuniga is genuinely afraid of clowns. he kept averting his eyes and getting very nervous and sweaty. we kept making fun of him and i could see that he was starting to tear. i stopped but others persisted. jeb eventually went to the clown and told him that it was marks birthday. so when mark tried to go use the phone when he thought the coast was clear the clown went over to him and grabbed him. mark freaked out and pushed him away and scurried out the door. that poor dude is fucked up. its a shame he doesnt have more suportive and sensitive friends.

too human: usually i feel like a happy little robot just roaming amongst the populace but then you. feelings complicate my attempt at indifference and neutrality towards my perception of reality. im not sure i can explain it but it makes very much sense to me.

i think being one of those really neat birds that dive in the water and swim around to find fish would be a really key animal to be. that way you get the flying swimming and walking all in one unique cloacal shitting machine. fantastic!