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12/15/00 4:35:11 AM !!!First Boot!!!





i once ran naked in the middle of freeway traffic for three days in the hopes that i would be laugh fuel for someone, anyone.

in jr high i had to stand in line to be issued athletic shoes and when it was my turn to get shoes the guy asked my name. so i told him kris then i thought i should use my full name so i then said tofer. and then the guy said ok mr. tofer what size do you wear. i thought it was funny. i never did correct him. i was a waif and the coach looked ornery.

i played soccer in jr high and the shoes the guy issued me were two and a half sizes too big. i have a long stride when i run. my parents used to come to my games and laugh their ass off because i ran funny and the with the big shoes they said i looked like sasquatch.

i can still remember this film my dad brought home when i was like six years old. it was a french film. very weird. it had some awful rape scenes even before i was fully aware of the implications. today i brought it up in one way or another and both my parents said they remembered that movie very vividly. it must have been some sort of something for three people to remember it so well after so long. i want to get it again so i can truly appreciate the odd french antics.