penis trade


11/5/00 7:53:29 PM !!!First Boot!!!





hey i saw your costume for the festival, talk about high quality. it was good. so anywho the fair was alright i got real bored of reading tarot so i went ot go hangout with one of my fagot friends. we just played games and goofed around all day. i couldn't stay after school cause i didn't have a ride, so just got on the bus and rode home. after that rick came over and we just watched a video. it was good then on saturday another friend came over and we watched tv, then here i am on sunday. i get so tired of being me sometimes, i wish i could be omebody cool, like......Dentler, okey, maybe not dentler, but somebody cool. i had this dream that i had a penis, i could feel everything. it was great.i don't think would ever trade my parts in for one but i'd like to have one just for a day or so. bye.