i like to robot...i like to robot...


11/6/00 1:15:21 AM !!!First Boot!!!





i was looking at my dog and i thought to myself, whoever designed the humans really jipped us on the ability to fold in on ourselves and sleep well. my mom has this book she has to read for her new job. she is having me go over just about every paragraph and interpret all the technical mumbo jumbo. i dont know what the hell the book is talking about but i sure can pretend to know like the dickens. my mom is going to be incredibly unprepared and ignorant once she starts, hooha! i just sat in such a way that my shirt twisted around so that i can see the back of it. the back of my shirt is covered with chocolate. heh. im a slovenly fellow. soooo sad. man, sometimes ill just be sitting, doing nothing, thinking of nothing in particular, and ill be hit with this massive wave of happiness. yes! i feel so giddily stupid. looking at that chocolate on my shirt i just want to burst out in laughter and jumping, always with the jumping. at the renaissance festival cleanup thing, grant was asking me for my knife so i ran at him post haste from about 100 yards and there was a tree in the way. i tried to jump through the crotch of it but my hips got caught. it was neat and the others thought it funny. i was inclined to agree. weston and ronnie came over today. they spent all yesterday talking to lupita about cinesol and cintech and general film goodness. those guys sure are smelly and rude. somebody should learn em a thing or two. if you ever need a ride please feel free to ask me. i may not be able to provide but if i can i am more than willing to oblige. i remember thinking that denlter was a really cool guy that had it made in all venues until i got to know him and found out what a sad lonely boy he was, much like myself. you know how hes always asking people to go to his house well i tried to go to his house seriously once and he wasnt game. i bet he runs a mutant farm and is embarrassed by the smell, i know i would be if i ran a mutant farm. if you could which would you get rid of: mosquitos or diarrhea.