i wouldnt wear socks if my feet didnt smell like my shoes


11/14/00 1:51:08 AM !!!First Boot!!!





i was going to criticize you for your procrastination but ill do it later. of course you make mistakes. from what i hear around the newsstand all people make mistakes except for maybe he-man and that flying purple dude. i make mistakes. for instance just the other day i was sitting in a chair and this dude comes up to me and says, "hey, i see what your doing there." and i said, "what are you talking about?" and he said, "dont play coy with me!" and i said, "wha?" and he said, "i see you there. youre making a mistake!" and i was like, "oooooh, youre right. thank you." and i got up from the chair and that was the end of that. the important thing to remember is that "i" got up from the "chair." hopefully that made no sense to you because if it did, youre wack, yo. ive always wanted to type like those fancy learned people with their looking at the screen and all fast and such. theres only three things i can type without looking and with some degree of correctness. those are "the other day i went to the store and i bought a big red house", my screen name and my password. other than that i have to use about four backspaces for every letter i attempt. this weekend a posse is being rounded up to go to chris dentlers house. he was joking around again about people coming over and this time the wheels are seriously in motion. weston, myself and possibly time traveler and pablo are going to go whether he wants it or not. if he wont divulge the location then we will get it from ferny or david cortez, using force if necessary. if pablo can make it chances are there will be lots of booze and nasty people and drugs. perfect for the dentler residence. today after school weston and i happened upon a slightly neat attack sequence. and not your run of the mill spider monkey attack sequence like you may be thinking of. i would jump up and stick my foot up and he would give me a hearty shove from behind and i would fly far and fast with a mighty kick. we got pablo real good. marcel also got a good kickin. beebop, ride that present good life like the dickens fighting a chicken trying to blow a whistle (the chicken cant, you see. chickens dont have lips. ha!). rock on fairy princess. dude comma oh comma so comma out------>