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11/10/00 10:03:16 PM !!!First Boot!!!





theres nothin wack about multicrush status, yo. statistically speaking crushes are bound to over lap. as i see it humans are in the nether region between monogamous and polygamous. the two extremes arent very suiting and are in constant conflict with each other because of our biological tendencies and the social stigmas places upon us from birth. with the skewed male to female ratio at the science academy it would stand to reason that multiple dudes would dig the same girl. a chick digging multiple dudes is just an act of ambitious responsibility [and in his ambition i did slew him (sorry, had to give a quote to ceaser)]. in order for the limited dating pool to reach maximum coupling it is your obligation to be a player, i mean hurray for learning. a movie sounds nice. give me a call and i will work around your hectic schedule.