pork rinds are better with not eaten and lime


11/10/00 2:16:03 AM !!!First Boot!!!





it distresses me to hear about your unhappiness. i only got to read about your downward slope when mr. urasky started yelling at me about mail and shit and stupid students. that man is way no good. in a way i am kind of glad i dont have an r&d topic just to spite him even though i know he will not be spited in any way, ill only get to low grade land. i wish you could be my r&d project. i could spend time building a box that makes you happy. it would solve problems and make correct choices for you. it would of course be pocket sized and have a wicked knob, seeing as how any other sort of knob would just be unacceptable. i thank you very much for selfless involvement in the club. i know what you mean about cintech. i am, of sorts, not as fond of it as perhaps i lead on or should be. marc was right. it certainly is not the club it used to be of massive amounts of fun and friends and productivity always coming second. in addition i imagine it is a great deal more difficult being of the female minority. i can completely understand your resignation. i will reiterate once again that i am here for anything that i can provide. good luck and god speed.