Subj: 184%

Date: 10/5/00 4:02:12 PM !!!First Boot!!!

From: Trippychick170

To: Vorange4

okey here i am. i'm sorry i didn't write yesterday, my computer wouldn't let me back on, anywho...i'm in rd and i have so much work to get done, i hope i dont' fail tomm. anyways i talked to alot of cintech people, well not alot, but more than a few, nobody is really sure who they're going to vote. do you know why we're not together yet? well i think for me its cause i'm not 184%positive. i want to be sure. i don't wanna rush into something and break hearts or have mine broken, i don't wanna screw you over either. i am a girl and so that is very likely that i screw everything up. last night i was talking to marc and he said that he's very jealous when he sees us togehter but he thinks that i'm a great girl who can make you very happy and you deserve that and that no girl in this school can give you happiness like me. he said that not me. i'm not sure about that but we'll see. xoxoxoxoxo