Subj: thankyou

Date: 10/2/00 4:15:16 PM !!!First Boot!!!

From: Trippychick170

To: Vorange4

hey there, well i had a splendid time at the festival. hanginf out with you was really cool, i think that towards the end i started getting more comfie with you and was able to be myself a little more. thank you double time for the tarot cards, i owe you lots. i had so much fun with you. when i got to the school at like 5:30 or something, i looked for you but i didn't see you. then i looked for marc and arty cause i didn't have a ride home, but they were gone adrian's mom was kind enough to drive me to marcs, cause they live all the way in harligen, which is in the opposite direction of edinburg. so i got to marcs and just passed out i was so tired. we slept till like 6:00pm mmmm gotta love sleep, then we awoke watched tv, i took a shower and ordered pizza. it was great i didn't do anything all day but lounge around and eat. then went back to sleep, the only thing that could have been more great was if i didn't have to come to school today. oh well. xoxoxo