Subj: super yellow snails

Date: 10/26/00 4:15:58 PM !!!First Boot!!!

From: Trippychick170

To: Vorange4

hey well good luck on finding that costume. hey yesterday i was really distant. i'm real sorry about that, i was sort of kind of stoned and i wasn't sure what you would say about that and i felt real ashamed. so sorry. oh yeah this mornign when you dropped me off for goverment you gave me this look. oh man it was crazy. it was a very good look. it sort of made me melt. i felt like you had complete control over me, which is good. you seemed so...well i don't know. you know i'm real scared cause eventually something will go wrong with us and that something will have to be my fault cause you're way too perfect to hurt me. you crazy fool, i feel so under you. like you should have higher standards than little old me. have a great day cutie. bye