Subj: well, maybe if you push that button...

Date: 10/8/00 7:06:21 AM !!!First Boot!!!

From: Vorange4

To: Trippychick170

oh stephanie,

i too am sorry that there was a lack of fruitful discourse. damn nervousness. most of the time i have lots and lots of things that i think of and then when it counts i somehow acquire a completely blank mind. i really enjoyed our slumber together. i consider sleeping my most precious time and to be able to share it with you is pure fantastic. i hope you have a lovely time in mexico. you should perhaps maybe be extra nice to rick tomorrow because the creed concert was canceled and i think he might be a bit miffed about his 13 dollar loss. ronnie, weston, mark and i went to the ropa usada places today. it was really nice because of the weather. i got me a wicked cool james dean tie. im sorry to hear that you were shut in today. i would have enjoyed your company on our venture to find dirty clothing. if in the future you would like any sort of company or attempt at entertainment, feel free to request it from me. you left some of your smell on my shirt shoulder area and i dont know if i will ever be able to wash that shirt. schazam!