Subj: that alligator is urinating on my car!

Date: 10/6/00 1:41:46 AM !!!First Boot!!!

From: Vorange4

To: Trippychick170

i couldnt find you after school. i picked you a daisy from in front of the library. thats one fancy weed. i am a big advocate of not rushing things. broken hearts should be avoided at all costs. when you told me at the renaissance festival on the grassy knoll not to fall in love with you, i was a bit taken aback. i suppose you realize the power you have over me. i cant say im falling in love but i can say i am somewhere i havent ever been emotionally with anyone else. for instance: ill be sitting in class, and the memory of you and your smell will just come to me and cause complete chaos in my head. its almost as if i want to burst out laughing and crying at the same time. if i was a little more superstitious i might even believe it was your magic. since i posses a mind of the scientific persuasion i am compelled to believe there is merely some sort of biological chemistry and mental stimulation. i dont like that i am making marc jealous. that is just another thing he doesnt need, especially after the whole cintech deal. maybe for his sake we should cut back on our relationship. i dont know. i dont see how you being a girl correlates to screwing things up. last checked relationship fuck-ups are not gender specific. the only way i can foresee you screwing me over is you doing something other than what you really want. i have become increasingly worried about your well being and happiness. my "heart" or whatever symbol you use for the emotions aroused by your existence has been in limbo since sophomore year and i think i am quite capable of putting them back in their dormant state if thats what it comes down to (go nihilism!). so i guess we will just see what happens as you said. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHuzzah to you!