Subj: dont sweat it, especially if its to the oldies. chang!

Date: 10/31/00 2:35:56 AM !!!First Boot!!!

From: Vorange4

To: Trippychick170

YES! there is some agreeing going on over here. for all practical purposes we could be the most mismatched pair in existence. all that romantic mumbo jumbo isnt cool unless theres the clicking to back it up. when i look at you i dont picture you naked or eating a box of sensuousness. i wonder what youre feeling, what your thinking, what your dreams are. the sort of things friends wonder, eh? dont get me wrong, you are the epitome of sexy but i moved passed that a long time ago. at the first i felt uncomfortable doing those "things" and i continue to feel so especially when we never talk as i imagine real people talk. i was slightly humored by that remark about me meeting someone else but i assure you im in no position to do so. you havent lost me yet and i dont foresee you losing me any time soon. i admire those that try. i am also trying.



happily, your friend,

kris mad wack o.