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Texas: Just for Fun

Willie Nelson Stevie Ray Vaughan Buddy Holly Beyonce Sunny and the Sunliners Freddy Fender Michelle Shocked Blind Lemon Jefferson Janis Joplin Selena Lightnin' Hopkins George Strait Waylon Jennings Buck Owens Roy Orbison Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs Hank Thompson Ray Price T-Bone Burnett Johnny Winter Archie Bell and the Drells Johnny Guitar Watson Ornette Coleman Townes Van Zandt Pantera Steve Miller Charlie Sexton ZZ Top Casey James Kris Kristofferson Gene Autry Scott Joplin Lyle Lovett Tanya Tucker B. W. Stephenson Steve Fromholz Couldn't find a video. "Texas, Our Texas" - state song (melody) (lyrics and midi) "The Yellow Rose of Texas" "The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You" "Deep in the Heart of Texas" "Galveston" "San Antonio Rose" "All My Exes Live in Texas" "Luckenback, Texas" "Waltz Across Texas" "Town of El Paso" "Streets of Laredo" "Amarillo by Morning" "If You're Gonna Play in Texas, You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band" "LaGrange" "Proud to be a A****** From El Paso "San Antonio Stroll" "Houston (Means that I'm one Day Closer to You)" Theme to "Dallas" "That's Right (You're not from Texas)" "T for Texas" "Texas Flood" "Waltz Across Texas" "Heaven, Hell or Houston" "Is This the Way to Amarillo" "Brownsville Girl" (story about) (Spanish description) (lyrics - couldn't find the Bob Dylan version "What I Like about Texas" "Memories of East Texas" (couldn't find Michelle Shocked version) "Making the Run to Gladewater" (lyrics) "Lone Star State of Mind" "People in Dallas Got Hair" Couldn't locate; Waylon Jennings song "People up in Texas" "Abilene" "Home in San Antone" "Can't Get Enough of Texas" "If It Wasn't for Texas" "Texas Tornado (blowin' me away again)" (lyrics) "Alone in Texas" "Blame it on Texas" "The Bluest Eyes in Texas" "Texas (When I Die)" "Northeast Texas Women" Charley Pride and Johnny Cash Medley "Texas Women" "Blue Yodel No. 1 (T for Texas" Coupland Dance Hall Line Dance h ttp:// Texas Dance Theater Conjunto - Mexican Polka Mexican Polka Lone Star Championships 2010 - Strictly Blues Finals Central Texas Competition Winners - Hip Hop Thriller Dance in Austin Square Dance Attached Files texas1.jpg (59.519 KB) texas2.jpg (128.374 KB)Photograph, Song, or Cartoon Worksheets may be used. Very Strange Song Attached Files texas_chainsaw_massacre.jpg (44.448 KB) Poster or Myth Worksheets may be used. _____________________________________________________________ The Lady of White Rock (Dallas) Lady Ghost Story Texas Ghosts Haunted Texas Texas Ghost Towns _____________________________________________________________ Bonnie and Clyde John Wesley Hardin Doc Holliday Belle Starr Sam Bass Charles Whitman Attached Files Austin.jpg (24.259 KB) dallas.jpg (27.89 KB) fort-worth.jpg (24.101 KB) Galveston.jpg (152.721 KB) glenrose.jpg (15.94 KB) granbury.jpg (30.624 KB) Jefferson.jpg (319.547 KB) padre_island.jpg (33.035 KB) rockport-fultonbeach.jpg (3.016 KB) san-antonio.jpg (103.157 KB)Photograph Worksheets may be used. Attached Files Hord-Cabin.jpg (46.447 KB) oakcliff_1.jpg (9.387 KB) oakcliff.jpg (9.387 KB) oakcliff2.jpg (156.479 KB) oakcliff3.jpg (99.24 KB) oakcliff4.jpg (41.068 KB) oakcliff5.jpg (90.353 KB) oakcliff6.jpg (185.239 KB) OC_Transit.jpg (29.559 KB) Attached Files bishop.jpg (169.551 KB) Dallas1892.gif (129.521 KB) football.jpg (2.947 KB) gas.jpg (145.607 KB) tornado.jpg (114.021 KB) txtheater.jpg (3.964 KB) Photograph and Internet Worksheets may be used. _________________________________________________________ Attached Files alamo.jpg (124.304 KB) armadillo.jpg (69.193 KB) barbeque.jpg (217.93 KB) Big hair.JPG (25.61 KB) bigtex.jpg (3.913 KB) bluebonnets.jpg (102.999 KB) bootshat.jpg (26.728 KB) cheerleaders.jpg (75.736 KB) chigger.jpg (31.034 KB) churches.jpg (49.968 KB) colt45.jpg (26.067 KB) cowboy.jpg (42.647 KB) dr-pepper.jpg (120.479 KB) football.jpg (2.947 KB) horned_toad.jpg (25.168 KB) longhorn.jpg (281.564 KB) margarita.jpg (285.902 KB) mesquite-tree.jpg (90.312 KB) mess.jpg (29.673 KB) mockingbird.jpg (25.012 KB) Neimanmarcus.JPG (312.646 KB) Oil-well.jpg (139.139 KB) Pick up.jpg (33.686 KB) shiner beer.jpg (57.597 KB) texas-flag.jpg (88.776 KB) texmex.jpg (2.516 KB) yellow rose of Texas.jpg (39.959 KB)Photograph and Poster Worksheets may be used. Art Museums in Texas North Texas East Texas West Texas Hill Country Gulf Coast Panhandle YouTube or Film Worksheets may be used. _______________________________________________________ UNT Portal to Texas History (really cool!) JFK Assassination - Zapruder Film Waco Tragedy UT Austin Tower Sniper - Charles Whitman (KLRN Reports in 3 parts) New London School Explosion Hurricane Ike Galveston Hurricane of 1900 Photograph or Internet Worksheets may be used. __________________________________________________________ The Flying Red Horse in downtown Dallas Texas Ranger Hall of Fame State Parks Big Bend National Park Guadalupe Mountains National Park Texas Musicians Museum African-American Work Songs from Texas Prison History of Chili, Chili Con Carne Use Internet Worksheets. Famous Texans Famous Texas People Texas Famous People Famous Texans Attached Files state cemetery austin.jpg (26.142 KB)You may use Internet, Photo and Gravestone Worksheets. Dallas County Cemeteries Texas Cemeteries Historic Texas Cemeteries Texas Cemeteries Texas Cemeteries Texas Cemeteries