Identification/Definitions for Since 1975 Exercise
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A.  917 members died including Jim Jones.

B.  1,117 died in 20 states due to extreme weather.

C.  The U.S. invaded his homeland to arrest him.

D.  This Washington D.C. mayor was arrested this year.

E.  Iraq invaded it this year.

F.  Bush won but Gore got the most votes.

G.  Went bankrupt, the first city to do so since the Great Depression.

H.  Las Vegas fire there killed 84.

I.  Its oil spill was a major ecological disaster in Alaska.

J.  Movie star who died after a "wonderful life."

K.  Union Carbide Corporation chemical accident there killed 2,000.

L.  A suspect was arrested after being connected to a "Manifesto."

M.  First Democrat elected President since Jimmy Carter.

N.  Accessibility for all became the law with this Bush era legislation.

O.  The Reagan era scandal was revealed that year.

P.  Golfer who died in strange private jet crash that year.

Q.  His sins took him to prison, and he lost Tammy Faye, too.

R.  He was a third party candidate but couldn't beat Clinton.

S.  Resigned her Miss America crown.

T.  Salt Lake City was the host city.

U.  Terrorist bombing of Pan Am jet killed 270 there.

V.  Hit movie that proved unsinkable.

W.  Location of Ft. Worth shooting

X.  Highest number to fail since 1937.

Y.  A former White House intern linked romantically to the President.

Z.  Accused Clinton of perjury and obstruction of justice

2A. Hit 62 homeruns in one season

2B.  Cuban refugee who was the center of a custody battle

2C.  Stock Market plunge.

2D.  This FBI standoff led to a mother and her son's death.

2E.  The work of two shooters and one was just

2F.  It experienced a near "melt-down."

2G.  Michael Jackson's record-breaking album.

2H.  President Reagan announced it despite a $45 billion deficit.

2I.  U.S. military sent there to find Osama Bin Laden.

2J.  His ads helped elect George Bush.

2K.  Became the first elected African-American governor (Virginia).

2L.  First woman vice presidential candidate for a major party.

2M.  A bonfire collapsed killing 12.

2N.  Reality Television included eating worms, etc.

2O.  U.S. invaded this Caribbean nation to stop communist threat.

2P.  Two year drought there brought famine to millions and Live Aid.

2Q.  It was really the Strategic Defense Initiative that was proposed that year.

2R.  He got a national holiday that year.

2S.  This national forest symbol died that year.

2T.  Had the hottest website for female singers that year.

2U.  Became the first African-American Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

2V.  U.S. troops sent there to oversee the transition to the democratically elected Aristide.

2W.  U.S. reopened relations with this communist nation that year.

2X.  First openly gay elected to high political office who was assassinated this year.

2Y.  A revolution erupted there this year.

2Z.  Upper level wind that caused weather problems.

3A.  Senator who returned to space.

3B.  Location of hate murder conviction.

3C.  Tourists killed near their refuge in Africa.

3D.  Allowed women for the first time that year.

3E.  Became Russia's president and was re-elected in 1996 despite obvious illness.

3F. President Bush ordered the attack to find weapons of mass destruction.

3G.  Bit Alexander Holyfield's ear.  

3H.  This Secretary of Commerce was killed in a plane crash in Bosnia.

3I.  Executed for serial killings of young women.

3J.  Claimed self-defense during the New York subway shooting.

3K.  They got married but divorced in 1996.

3L.  Former KKK leader but lost his effort to become Louisiana's governor.

3M.  Under this the U.S. will turn control over to the natives of this country in the year 2000.

3N.  Tampering caused it to be removed from the store shelves causing many headaches.

3O.  Protesters won their demand for a deaf president there.

3P.  It collapsed and teh Berlin Wall came down.

3Q.  Exploded over Texas.  

3R.  The formula change was a big flop that year.

3S.  This shooting helped get passage of the concealed handgun law in Texas.

3T.  Seemed determined to find damaging information about the President.  

3U.  He died but reports of sightings continue.

3V.  He lived "My Way" in "New York, New York," but he died this year.

3W.  Radical organization in Philadelphia that the city tried to force out but burned down a neighborhood as well.

3X.  Nickname of photographers who were blamed for Princess Diana's death.

3Y.  Won the Masters Tournament that year.

3Z.  A former minister in Dallas, he was ordered to support his comatose wife.

4A.  These unmanned space ships were launched.

4B.  First supersonic passenger liner service.

4C.  Ruling said he did not cause suicide by his music.

4D.  Author Salmon Rushdie was ordered killed as a result.

4E.  U.S. bombed this country but did not get Quadaffi.

4F.  She was sentenced to die for the stabbing death of her two sons but she still proclaims her innocence.

4G.  Terrorist bombing against federal employees occurred there.

4H.  President F. W. de Klerk freed him.

4I.  U.S. deficit that year.

4J.  First to be executed after the death penalty was resumed and he chose the firing squad.

4K.  They went on strike and were fired by Reagan.

4L.  First use came that year and was in Texas.

4M.  Their collapse led to a crisis and enormous bailout.

4N.  His wife murdered him and killed herself.

4O.  Took control of both houses of Congress for the first time since the 1940s.

4P.  U.S. troops were sent there to try to stop starvation caused by warring factions.

4Q.  A "blackout" there left 9 million people without power for a day.

4R.  This Egyptian leader was assassinated.

4S.  Held in Dallas, it included a controversy over flag burning.

4T.  A peace treaty between Israel and Egypt.

4U.  Wayne Williams was arrested and convicted of this crime.

4V.  She holds the highest cabinet post ever for a woman.

4W.  Won his third heavy weight title by defeating Leon Spinks.

4X.  All aboard were killed when it exploded including a school teacher.

4Y.  His death that year brought attention to AIDS.

4Z.  Confirmed the existence of reverse discrimination.

5A.  The U.S. has suggested a suicidal pilot caused it to crash.

5B.  The bombing continued for months to help Albanians.

5C.  On May 4, seventy hit here in one day.

5D.  A victim of an extortion effort by an alleged daughter before his son was murdered.

5E.  Two of the Democrats running for the Presidential

5F.  Still don't know if it was a bombing, missile or other explosion that caused it to crash.

5G.  Despite accusation of her involvement in an attack, she was allowed to compete in the Olympics.

5H.  Dedicated to veterans this year.

5I.  The "Dallas" television program ended its season with this.

5J.  U.S. intoduced its smart bombs but they were not smart enough to get Sadam Hussein.

5K.  They created a tariff controversy.

5L.  This was the nickname given to the murder of Adrianne Jones of Mansfield, Texas, because of the colleges the accused attended.

5M.  Her murder publicized Tejano music.

5N.  Poverty and unemployment statistics that year, the worst since 1937.

5O.  This Polish union began its struggle against Communism.

5P.  Its walkway collapsed killing 113.

5Q.  U.S. began sanctions against this country for aparthied.

5R.  Sonny Bono and Michael Kennedy had this in common.

5S.  Anita Hill accused him of sexual harrassment.

5T.  He committed suicide after killing five people including fashion designer Gianni Versace.

5U.  a terrorist bombing in New York City occurred there.

5V.  The U.S. became this because it owed so much money.

5W.  IBM introduced it.

5X.  This religious leader was shot but survived.

5Y.  First woman to run the mile in under 4 1/2 minutes.

5Z.  Chinese students killed while protesting there.

6A.  It was a commitment to family.

6B.  The hearings over this land deal began in Congress.

6C.  They died in a Waco standoff.

6D.  A UFO cult that committed suicide over Hale-Bopp comet.

6E.  Southern location of Summer Olympics and bombing incident.

6F.  Caused another controversy for President Clinton when these were found.

6G.  The U.S. supported England's military actions there.

6H.  Became England's Prime Minister.

6I.  The year 2000 bug predicted to crash computers.

6J.  She ordered an investigation of Kenneth Starr's tactics.

6K.  Baseball legend who died this year.

6L.  Murdered as he and Yoko returned from a recording session.

6M.  Destination of an unmanned space expedition that featured a little rover. 

6N. The first one was from Burleson, Texas. 

6O.  Earthquake killed 67 there but it wasn't as bad as the 1906 one.

6P.  Became Soviet Union's last leader.

6Q.  It swept the U.S. that year.

6R.  He added life to the Dole campaign.

6S.  Added to the cabinet by Jimmy Carter.

6T.  U.S. troops sent there to prevent further genocide.

6U.  His beating was video-taped.

6V.  President Bush made this promise but broke it later.

6W.  A fad for nudists.

6X.  Dallasites who tried to corner the silver market.

6Y.  Approved for treatment of AIDS.

6Z.  Israeli Prime Minister who was assassinated this year.

7A.  Basketball player accused of rape but he claimed
it was adultery but consential sex.

7B.  For Vietnam era draft evaders.

7C.  Murder of her and unborn child received a lot of
      media attention.

7D.  Shot Ronald Reagan.

7E.  36 were killed when it erupted.

7F.  Became a billionaire this year.

7G.  The Bicentennial.

7H.  President Clinton went despite criticisms about 

     human rights violations.

7I.  She was appointed as the first woman on the Supreme Court.

7J.  Crew shot down Iranian passenger liner.

7K.  Newspaper heiress, kidnapping victim, bank robber

7L.  Killed 29 members of that organization while meeting in Philadelphia.

7M.  After the states changed who it applied to, the Supreme Court allowed its resumption this year.

7N.  Reunited this year.

7O.  4 million acres of it burned that year.

7P. Worst nuclear accident in world history.

7Q. Republican President elected with the support of the "New Right" and the "Moral Majority."

7R.  Led to celebrations around the world and no major terrorist attacks.

7S.  The virus was isolated that year.

7T.  First U.S. woman in space.

7U.  Bombings there led to 257 Americans killed and Reagan withdrew U.S. troops.

7V.  Arrested for the murder of his wife and a waiter.

7W.  He died, but reggae will live forever.

7X.  A riot there led to 18 deaths.

7Y.  Democrat elected President with Walter Mondale as his Vice President.

7Z.  Location of shooting of capital city police and a tourist.

8A.  Locations of bombings of U.S. embassies that year.

8B.  Locations of U.S. missile attacks to stop terrorism like in 5B.

8C.  Feminists lost this effort that year.

8D.  In Teheran, it did not end until 444 days later.

8E.  He was banned from baseball.

8F.  Littleton, Colorado, shooting left 15 dead.

8G.  Led to great destruction in Honduras

8H.  It received a federal bailout from bankruptcy.

8I.  Presidential hopefuls to replace Clinton.

8J.  Character whose books got kids to read.

8K.  They were involved in a standoff in Montana that   ended without bloodshed.

8L.  While they lost the criminal case, they won the civil case this year.

8M.  She went to prison for killing her kids by drowning but claimed an African-American did it.

8N.  Arrested for bombing Murrah Building

8O.   Soviet invasion of this country led to a U.S. boycott of the Olympics.

8P.  Killed by his father.

8Q.  President Clinton's destination in a history-making tour that led to an apology for slavery.

8R.  The Supreme Court ruled that she could proceed with her case against the President.

8S.  Location of terrorist bombing against U.S. troops during Clinton's administration.

8T.  Organization involved in a stand-off while members claimed Texas had been annexed illegally.

8U.  Deadly disease that contaminated US Post Offices.

8V. 1400 protesters were arrested there.

8W.  Accused of murdering his wife, but Baretta said he
     didn't do it.