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The Panhandle and Northwest Texas


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Scenic Routes in the Panhandle and Northwest Texas

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Key to Ratings: 1-5 stars with 5 stars being must see. The + indicates a personal favorite.

The Canyons: Two magnificent canyons are located 120 miles apart in the Panhandle. About 30 miles southeast of Amarillo, Palo Duro Canyon and State Park (*****) provides one opportunity for camping, hiking and great photographs. Caprock Canyons State Park (+*****) is 120 miles to the southeast, in a very remote location. The red canyons at sunset are unforgettable.

The Abilene Loop: While not as scenic as the canyons, there are some fine lakes that provide camping, fishing, hiking and other outdoor opportunities within a route connected by Big Spring, San Angelo, Brownwood, and Abilene. Beginning in Abilene, head to the state park southwest of the city before going west on Interstate 20 to Lake Colorado City State Park (***) and further west, Big Spring State Park. Next, it's off to the southeast and San Angelo's State Park.

To the northeast on Hwy. 67, Hords Creek Lake has Corps of Engineers Camping (***). About 30 miles to east off Hwy. 568, Lake Brownwood State Recreation Area is worth a visit(***1/2). Still, there's even more to see further to the northeast at Proctor Lake that also has Corps of Engineers camping (+***1/2). Return to Abiliene on Hwy. 36 or head to the east.

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