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Belize Travel Guides/Magazines Online:

Belize by Naturalight - magazine format has all areas of interest to travelers
Lonely Planet - Belize - everything you need to know
Belize Online - from accommodations to zoos
Tourism: includes maps, cruises, diving and photos
Things to See: Information about Mayan sites, reef & rain forest, Dangriga, Ambergris
GORP Belize: features, books, maps, trip ideas, links included in usual GORP format
Tourist Board/Destination Belize!: includes information about diving, ecotourism, Mayan ruins, history, people, accommodations, activities, and business
CTC Country Pages: Belize - latest one online
Ambergris Caye Commons - all about Ambergris
BelizeanCyberWeb - chat, photos, diving, articles, etc.
Belize Chamber of Commerce - Business, investments, and typical CofC stuff
Cyberwonders - Links and general info
Belize Explorer Cayo Online Eco-Adventure travel, rivers, caves, ruins, activities, loding, dining, etc.
Belize Online Tourism & Investment Guide - Maps, photos, accommodations, culture, links, Belizeans online, and so on...
You Better Belize It! - Lodging, things to do, news, weather, business, tours, chat board
Belize First Magazine - Articles, links, accommodations, restaurant reviews rated by tourists, "ad-free and totally candid"
Belize Best - Ambergris Caye information, tours, diving, maps, links, fishing
Family Travel in Belize - Resorts, links, lodges, ruins, articles
GORP - Caribbean - Uusal GORP stuff including tours, books, and articles
Excite Travel - Belize - Basic facts about Belize
Belize@EscapeArtist - Maps, books, links, emphasizes expatriate information and homesteading for those who want to relocate to Belize
Belize Virtual Mall - News, Weather, Fun - History, photos, tours, real estate, weather, conservation, links
Belize Travel - Ambergris - Visitor info
Belizeweb - Message board, community info, mainly server info, though
UnBelizeable - Accommodations, restaurants, photos, maps, archaeology, arts/crafts, travel tales
Explore Belize - Travel notes, places to go, links
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Malcolm Dale's Links
Even More Links // U. of Texas Links
Some More Links
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Belize Accommodations:
Lodges, Ranches, Resorts, Condos
Belize Online Accommodations
Chan Chich Lodge // Where To Stay - Caribbean
Maya Mountain Lodge & Tours
Hotels & Resorts
ABT Hotel Listings
Hotels & Travel in Belize
Cayo Small Hotel Association
Resorts & Hotels // Ambergris Lodging
Belize Hotel Association
Serenity Resourt - Placencia // Serenade Hotel - Placencia
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Belize Travel Services:
Belize Beach Travel & Vacation Guide
Master Travel
Kayak Connection
Roads Less Traveled // ITC Travel // Southern Adventures
Magnum Belize
Tropic Horizon Ecotourism
Paradise Adventures: Sea Kayaking
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Belize Diving Info and Packages
Blue Hole
Diving St. George's
Frenchie's Diving Service // Three Routes Scuba
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Other Useful Information:
Maya Airways // Maya Island Air
Fishing Adventures
Belize Audubon // San Pedro's Nightlife
Travel Notes // Archaeology
City Net
Belize Photo Gallery
Caye Caulker - Hidden Paradise
Nine Days in Belize
Maya Home Page // La Ruta Maya
University College of Belize // Travel Notes
Eva's Online Cyber Cafe'
Cayes of Belize
Caye Caulker Article
The Belize Zoo
TravelTalk // Spring '97 Cozumel/Belize Trip Report
Belize Ecotourism Association
Belize Times // Belize's Amandala Online
Tourism Office Phone: 1-800-624-0686
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Birds & Boats // San Pedro // Altun-Ha
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BELIZE: What You Need to Know Before Going

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Places to Go and Things to Do
Places We've Stayed
Cultural Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends: Cultural Tidbits
  • If you are coming from the U.S., the first thing to do when you arrive in Belize is slow down. They have a very different pace of life.
  • Melinda's Hot Sauce is on almost every restaurant table in Belize. It comes in several degrees of hotness. This stuff is for those who really enjoy HOT! So, for sure, try it, but be careful at first. The XXX hot variety means what it says. Melinda's has habanero peppers in it, the hottest peppers in the world. It's delicious.
  • Belikin Beer has a slogan: "It's the only beer worth drinking." And, nothing is better on a typical Belizean day than a cold Belikin.
  • Cane Juice Rum is inexpensive and wonderful. They also make Cane Juice Vodka.
  • Bus Service in Belize is inexpensive and a practical way to get around. If you are from the U.S., though, just remember that you are in a country where time tables are relative. Just relax. You will get to where you are going and meet some of the natives of Belize on the way.
  • Those from the U.S.A. are not the only Americans. If you are from the U.S., it is wise not to refer to yourself as an American or to your money as American money. Belizeans are Americans, too. Most people in the U.S. don't realize that all the New World was named America. Belize is in Central America. So, they are Americans, too. Some Belizeans get a little annoyed when U.S. folks refer to themselves as if they are the only Americans.
  • Language: Almost every Belizean speaks English.
  • Ganja is illegal in Belize and they will arrest people for possession, especially tourists, who then get to pay a fat fine to get out of spending time in a Belizean jail. (Note: This is not from personal experience, however, we do know of people this did happen to.)
  • If you use tobacco, Belize has it's own brands. The best is the Independence brand, however, you will discover these cigarettes are different that what you might be used to. You can find U.S. brands, but they are very expensive. If you carry U.S. brands, you will make many new friends as Belizeans love U.S. cigarettes and will politely ask for one. Unlike the U.S., you smoke almost anywhere except in buses.
  • Water taxis are a lot of fun! There is a less expensive way, though, to get to Caulker and Ambergris on the Andrea, a bit slower but enjoyable.
  • Sunburn Alert! If you have a fair complexion, you will have to take special precautions. The minimal action is to wear a hat. But, it goes beyond that. There are two areas of the body you may not have considered. First, your head. This sounds silly, but if you have short hair or, especially, if you have braids, you will get a sunburned head. The other overlooked body part is your butt. If you plan to snorkel, the correct snorkeling position is bottoms up. If you get a sunburn there, you will not be able to sit. And, in Belize they seem to scoff at the idea of padded chairs, stools and benches. You might try wearing tights or leggings while snorkeling. While this is not particularly cool looking, it's better than a fried behind. The same is true for arms. You can tell who is an experienced Caribbean traveler because he/she wears a tee-shirt over the swimsuit.
  • The water dilemma in Belize is a poser. Most people will tell you that it's fine to drink the water. Every tourist we have met gets diarrhea, though. So, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but I think avoiding the drinking water is a good idea plus following the other rules regarding water. We learned showering with your mouth open is not a good idea. Or, perhaps it was brushing our teeth that did it. At any rate, expect on a case of diarrhea and take some Pepto. It's expensive there.

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Belize Photo Gallery

Places to Go and Things to Do:

  • Caye Caulker - Take a boat to the reef and marine reserve to snorkel, scuba, and fish. You can rent equipment, but we recommend you take your own snorkel gear. The rental places generally want their stuff back too early in the day. The evening before dark is one of the best times to snorkel. You may also want to visit Caye Chappell, a divers' resort with a nice bar and beach. Back on Caulker, have a drink and listen to the music at the The Reef Bar. Eat at all the restaurants. Be sure to carry small bills for late night excusions. Some small establishments can't or won't take anything over a $10 U.S. Go by the church on Sunday night when the town has basically shut down. And, of course, don't forget to shop.

    Ambergris Caye Photos

  • San Pedro, Ambergris Caye - Hang out at the bars, restaurants and shops. Avoid the pizza (funky cheese). Check out the back street restaurants at night. It's quieter.
  • San Ignacio and the Cayo District - Hang out at Eva's Restaurant Eva's Restaurant, a cyber-cafe, and eat some Chimole. Canoe the Mopan River. Shop at the Saturday market. Take some tours to the Mayan Ruins Xunantunich is nearby) and into the forest.
  • San Antonio - Visit the Mayan village, learn about Maya Civilization and meet some nice folks. There are now trips available staying in the home of a Maya family.
  • Belize City - Eat at Mom's and roam the streets. Be careful at night. Beware of hustlers.

Places We've Stayed:

  • Magnum Belize made all our travel arrangements for both visits to Belize. We recommend them highly.
  • Tropical Paradise Hotel, Caye Caulker, is great if you get one of the air-conditioned (that also have cable t.v.) cabanas. If you don't want that splurge, there are probably places that get a better breeze like
    The Anchorage. Believe us, you need a breeze. Check out your room before committing. Make sure you have a good breeze or you'll die. We did on our first trip.
  • Rocks Inn, San Pedro, is one our favorite places. It has air-conditioning and little kitchenettes. There is a store to buy some food, and you can have a romantic dinner at home. The kitchen has a refrigerator (very helpful in this climate), microwave and coffee pot. Across the road is a bar on the water with reggae videos. Hammocks out front make a great place for watching people stroll by.
  • Maya Mountain Lodge, outside San Ignacio, is the best bargain among the so-called jungle lodges. Accommodations are in individual cabanas or a dorm-type building. Try to get a cabana on the hill because the ones in the low spots are very hot. Ceiling fans are the only relief. Hanging out on the cabana porch is about the only action at the lodge except yummy food. It's a long, but fun, walk to San Ignacio. You can get a taxi going back to the lodge if you want. The lodge also arranges all the popular tours. (We are not tour type people, generally, but these are small groups and lots of fun.) The owner of the lodge is an interesting guy, too.

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