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The Hopi

Hopi Woman

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Hopi Links
  • Hopi Cultural Preservation Office - useful information about Hopi culture including privacy issues and agriculture with a color chart.
  • Hopi Images - a variety of photos and illustrations including katsinas and kivas.
  • Rainmakers from the Gods: Hopi Katsinam - Exhibition online from the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard includes information about religion and collection of artifact photos.
  • Hopi Way - Cloud Dancing - Emphasizes spiritual side of the Hopi way including prophecies.
  • Hopi Literature - Six Hopi stories.
  • Origins of the Clans - Hopi lore.
  • How the Great Chiefs Made the Moon and the Sun - Hopi lore.
  • How the Hopi Indians Reached Their World - Hopi lore.
  • Maxwell Museum of Anthropology - New Mexico collections.
  • Hopi Cultural Center and Museum - Mainly tourism site but also overview of art and culture.
  • Hopi Baskets - Importance in ceremonies, symbolism; also manufacturing from U. of Mass.
  • Hopi Indians - Helpful site with art, food, religion, children, legends,
  • About the Hopi - Brief page of unknown origins but nice photo.
  • Hopi Indians - From the Catholic Encyclopedia, describes missions.

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