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Gloria Steinem Fill-in-the-Blank Exam

Send me your answers on FB by Message or e-mail. I will grade them and rate your degree of knowledge about Gloria Steinem and the feminist movement. If you didn't see the documentary on HBO, you may Goggle. (Grading: Missed 5 or less = when's the next protest? You're a leader! Missed 6-15 = You're an Official Feminist by Association. Missed 16-25 = You may throw away your bra but need to read a few books, too. Missed 26-30 = You're trying. Missed more than 30 = come talk to me.

1. See FB profile pic. Who did Wanda Jones think she was ___ ___in 1972.
2. Susan B. Anthony said we should teach women to be ____.
3. During her education, Gloria said women were taught to be ____.
4. What job did Gloria take in order to do an undercover expose'? _____
5. Gloria said she related to the character ___ ___ in "Breakfast at Tiffany's."
6. Gloria said she wore big glasses to ____.
7. Gloria said the low point in her writing career was writing about ___ ___.
8. Gloria said it drove her crazy to be referred to as the ___ one.
9. At 22, Gloria had an ___ although illegal at the time.
10. One man said women were unfit for complicated jobs because they lacked ____.
11. Gloria didn't have children but demanded ___ ___ for working moms.
12. In the early period of the feminist movement, women threw away their ____.
13. News commentator Howard K. Smith really liked ___-skirts.
14. Garry Moore said feminists were ___ except for Gloria.
15. Wanda Jones loves Gloria's ___ dancing.
16. Gloria said the article in ___ ___ made her cry because it was so cruel.
17. "Ms. Magazine" was predicted to ____ by many men including news commentator Harry Reasoner.
18. The first "Ms. Magazine" sold out in ___ week.
19. Gloria said ___ ___ was the most sexually insecure executive leader since Napoleon.
20. Flo Kennedy was an ___ black woman.
21. Feminist Betty Friedan felt ___ by Gloria and her followers.
22. The 1977 Houston Protest included ____ First Ladies.
23. The ___ issue did not become a feminist issue until 1977.
24. Gloria feared becoming her own ___.
25. Gloria's first book was Outrageous Acts and ___ Rebellions.
26. At her 50th birthday party, a famous couple entertained. They were ___ ___ and ___ ___.
27. Gloria said turning 50 was hard but she treated it with ___.
28. Breast cancer made Gloria aware of ___.
29. On the "Larry King Show," a caller accused Gloria of causing the downfall of the American ___ and should "rot in hell."
30. Gloria's book Revolution from Within revealed she had low ___-___.
31. Gloria cried during her eulogy for ___ ___.
32. Gloria got married at the age of ___ at Wilma Mankiller's house.
33. Gloria said in reference to men, "You are not the ___ of me."
34. Gloria's advice to young women was "Don't listen to me. Listen to the ___ inside yourself."
35. Gloria hopes to live to the age of ___.