Laughing Liberals - This is just stuff my co-administrator and I find funny. It's not all political. Cats are popular funny things. It may be anything but it is uncensored so we use funny words sometimes.

Texas Redneck Party - This is the Texas division of a national organization promoting union and labor rights. My co-administrator and I try to post related to those issues although once and awhile we post other interesting articles. But, the emphasis is on union and labor rights. The name came from a strike at Blair Mountain where the strikers wore red bandannas.

Occupy Venus, Texas - This is just a place for me to organize all the Occupy Movement postings. Since I live in Venus, Texas, (population about 2000) my Venus friend and I want to occupy it. Also, news about Venus (which is unusual) will be posted. The picture on the page is out my backyard. Pretty, huh?

Wanda's World: Politics, Buddhism, and Peace - It includes politics, Buddhism (which I'm trying to concentrate on these days), posts about peace, music, and anything else I find amusing. Hey, it's all about me and my fascinating life...yeah, right.

Twisted History - It includes interesting posts about history that are not the ordinary textbook comments. These hopefully will be funny, odd, off-the-wall, or information that may surprise readers. Maybe you will learn a fun fact.