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Optional History 1301 Exercise

  • What items were required to have stamps according to the Stamp Act?
  • Who was the principal lawyer for the British soldiers tried for the Boston Massacre?
  • What mistakes did Paul Revere make on his famous engraving of the Boston Massacre?
  • What did John Adams say about religion?
  • List two works by Thomas Paine other than Common Sense.
  • For what crime was Dr. Benjamin Church accused and who accused him of this crime?
  • What one word best describes this 1777 dress?
  • How many of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention came from Rhode Island?
  • What did George Washington say to Martha Washington in hisletter of 1775 Martha Washington?
  • What were the rebels protesting in Shays Rebellion?
  • What did Alexander Hamilton say about Aaron Burr that led to the duel?
  • Who were York, Sacajawea, and Pomp?
  • Who was known as "The First Negro Man of Science"?
  • How did Margaret Bayard Smith describe Dolley Madison?
  • Who made the flag that inspired the writing of "The Star-Spangled Banner"?
  • What was the Monroe Doctrine?
  • What was John Quincy Adams's nickname?
  • What was Andrew Jackson's religious affiliation?
  • What did Andrew Jackson want to do with the Electoral College?
  • What was the Robertson Colony?
  • What was Sam Houston's role in the secession movement?

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