The Travels of Herb and Martha - i.e. Wanda Does Talk Therapy

When Ron and I traveled, we called each other Herb and Martha. Herb is pretty obvious but I got Martha from Elizabeth Taylor in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf." These were our alteregos. When we traveled we tried to be what we really wanted to be like but often failed. We were

In the first five years of our relationship (1975-80), our travels consisted of mostly short fishing trips or a trip to Galveston or New Orleans. Herb told me he had a test for women he dated. He took them to New Orleans and watched what she did. I guess I passed the test because we were together 25 years. He did keep taking me back for reexamination I guess.

Everything changed in 1980, the year we got married. First, for our honeymoon he took me on my first airplane fight. Yes, I know, I was old. But, I never could afford to fly. Anyway, we went to NYC and had a blast. On the way home, we had two emergency landings. After the second in Memphis, I refused to get back on the plane so Herb talked to someone with American Airlines and they told him to get me drunk on the house. So, he did and we returned safely to a frantic son and my parents.

Also, in 1980, my parent put together "Big Blue," a van they remodeled for camping. We had used their previous RV and vans. Oh, that reminds me of the trip with Chris we took to Big Bend National Park. I almost died. But, I swam across the Rio Grande and was illegal for a few minutes! We also camped at Ft. Davis State Park where it was steaming hot. I'm fussing around trying to fix something to eat and Chris asked while pointing in the distance, "Can I go climb that mountain?" He was about 10. Me, being irritable, said sarcastically I thought, "oh sure climb the damn mountain" not believing for a second he would. Yep. Next thing I know he's halfway up a rattlesnake infested mountain. Herb had to retrieve him.

At any rate, "Big Blue" changed our lives. My parents had to cancel their first planned outing but let Herb and I take it out as planned so ended up the first ones to travel in it. Well, we fell in love with "Big Blue" and eventually talked my Dad into selling it to us for almost nothing. We went everywhere in Big Blue usually with our little canoe. Almost all our trips were fishing oriented but we hiked, canoed, and all that stuff, too. Weather was irrelevant. We had it down to deciding to go and leaving in 10 minutes.

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