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Amateur Archaeologists & Anthropologist Sites


  • Almost Before Time Began
  • Museums - Archaeology in Baden-Wurttemberg
  • National Archeological Database Maps
  • Archaeology Institute of America
  • Prehistory of Alaska
  • Parkin Archaeological State Park
  • El Centro College American Indian Links
  • El Centro College Geography Links
    Amateur Archaeology and Anthropology Sites
    Dirt Brothers
    Prehistory and the Rise of Agriculture
    Paleolithic and Neolithic Times
  • Rock Art
  • Stone Pages - includes excellent list of links especially Megalithic section
  • La cite' agraire de Catal Huyuk - in French but pictures
  • Virtual Catal Huyuk - Pictures and video
  • The Neolithic Mosaic on the North European Plain
  • The Human Story - another great site for notes