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§ Why do you want to be a member of Delta Sigma Theta? I will not tell you what your answer should be, since each person will have her own reasons... but this is something that you must SERIOUSLY consider. It is not sufficient to say that you want to be a Delta in order to emulate your mother, aunt, sister, teacher, etc.... ESPECIALLY if that person has not remained active with Delta.

§ What do you bring to Delta? What are your assets? What kind of public service have you done on your own? Delta is a public service sorority. You'll find Deltas active in NOW, UNCF, NAACP, NCNW, Urban League, Links, Habitat for Humanity, Girl Scouts, and a host of other organizations. As a matter fact, if you're interested in Delta, the best way to get to know Deltas is for you to get active in some of the other organizations that we are active in. We will notice your work and consider you an asset to Delta.

§ How do you act at the Rush? Treat it like a JOB INTERVIEW! It's really very similar... you want to show off your best qualities and you've got a short time to do it. Make it count. Don't be overbearing, but it's not wise to appear aloof, either. Be friendly and show genuine interest. Ask questions, but not those that you already know the answer to or ones that have obvious answers. If you see a Delta there who you know from some other part of your life, make sure you make contact with her and let her know where you know her from.

§ Undergraduates who barely have the minimum 2.5 GPA to pledge should work on their grades prior to considering membership. Delta's founders were SCHOLARS. A 2.5 GPA is a mediocre one and Delta doesn't need mediocre women... and don't get mad if you have a low GPA - channel that energy into raising it!

§ A frequent question is "How do I let the Deltas on my campus/in my community know that I am interested without being annoying"? The answer depends on whether you already know a Delta. If you know one and feel comfortable with her, then simply express your interest, requesting that you be notified if membership intake is scheduled. If you later hear that membership intake is scheduled and you haven't gotten any information about it, express your interest again.... but don't "hound" us. We DO have lives outside of Delta.

§ In your zeal to be a Delta, please remember not to be too overbearing. Although some Deltas love to be pampered with attention by prospectives, most of us do not want to be bothered with prospectives who seem to be "brown-nosing". If you're constantly contacting a Delta and she doesn't reciprocate - BACK OFF - you're probably getting on her nerves. If what you're after is a letter of recommendation, you DO NOT want to get on her nerves! An occasional call is fine, but don't give the impression that you are desperate... even if you ARE!

§ If you do not know a Delta, YOU'RE NOT DOING ENOUGH PUBLIC SERVICE! Get out there and work in your community and you will surely meet one. It also wouldn't hurt to attend any public Delta functions that you can.

§ I've recently received several notes from young ladies who are afraid to let Deltas know that they are interested in membership intake. My suggestion is this - go about your business, doing your public service and (for undergrads) keeping your grades up. I wouldn't advise "kissing up" to Deltas... it makes you look bad... then when a rush activity is announced, attend, get an application, apply, and let the chips fall where they may. Let your credentials speak for themselves - but be sure your credentials are in order!

§ You will need to submit a letter of recommendation from a FINANCIALLY active Delta. If she does not know you well, she cannot write this letter for you, so please don't ask a Delta you barely know to recommend you! How well should she know you? Well enough for her to leave her children with you - or leave you alone with her husband - or give you a key to her home or car. Deltas are SISTERS, remember. The letter should be written by someone who, by her own Delta activity, exhibits her own commitment to Delta. It's fine for collegiate Deltas to write letters for their peers, but letters of recommendation for alumnae chapter candidates should NOT be written by collegiate Deltas.

§ How much are dues? What does the membership intake process consist of? How long does it take? You'll be given this information when you attend an interest meeting... Until then, you really don't need to know.

§ Guess what? Just because you meet the minimum requirements for membership (GPA, public service, recommendations, etc.) doesn't mean you'll be selected! Surprised? Don't be... Every Delta in the chapter that you apply to has a vote - and you must get a majority of those votes. If you don't get a majority, you will NOT "make line"... plain and simple. Delta is a MEMBERSHIP organization - you don't just AUTOMATICALLY get in... and why would you want to be in a chapter where the majority of the members don't want you as a member?

§ No - there is no MINIMUM amount of public service that will qualify you for membership - You should be able to show a COMMITMENT to public service - not just doing it so that you will qualify to pledge.

§ If you are a legacy (your mother, sister, or daughter is a Delta), please don't ASSUME that you will also be extended an invitation to membership. You must meet the same requirements as all other candidates for membership - and PLEASE - don't wear those "Future Delta" shirts... it's makes some of my sorors think that you believe that you're a shoe-in. You're not!

§ A couple of final notes... Are you willing to make a FINANCIAL commitment to Delta Sigma Theta Sorority? It's not enough to pay to pledge - Delta's business takes ONGOING financial support. Too many people have been willing to spend a small fortune to get in and then complain about dues once they are members. Delta is not just a lifetime commitment... Delta is a LIFESTYLE! We do not need people who only wear tshirts or step. If you cannot make Delta and its programmatic thrusts a prominent part of your life FOR THE REMAINDER OF YOUR LIFE, please find another sorority.

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