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Things To Do Now.

Spring gardening tips


When bulbs are finished blooming, wait until they turn yellow and fall
over before you cut or mow the bulb foliage. There are nutrients in the
greenery and cutting them back will deprive you of great looking blossoms
this spring. Don't tie the foliage to keep it up straight. you will choke them
preventing them from getting necessary nutrients. You can always hide droopy
die-back by planting later blooming perennials. Always plant bulbs with pointy
side up for the fastest and strongest blooms. Blooms are more likely to come
back year after year if they are planted in a well drained spot in sandy humus
enriched soil

wonderful trees


Some trailing geranium can grow 2 to 3 feet long.They look great cascading
from containers or hanging baskets or even window boxes.

outstanding line of trees


Early fertilizer can stunt back or even kill spring weeds. There are
many types on the market, pick a fertilizer or pre-emergent
that is suitable for your area.


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