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Hello stranger and welcome to DRAGONFIRE.
*you turn to see a sorceress with long silver hair standing at a small cavern entrance*
My name is Rhiana, I see you have found my little place on the internet. It's not much but my dragons and I call it home.
*you smile warmly as you enter the cavern, it is much larger inside than you expected it to be*
Do you care to look around?
*you knod a friendly 'yes' in reply*
Good! I will show you around the main entrance way first.
*you follow the beautiful sorceress into a large but stuningly decorated hall*
This is the main hall. It branches off to the different areas of DRAGONFIRE.
*Rhiana leads you to a large book setting on a stone altar*
This is my guestbook, please sign it before you leave DRAGONFIRE. My dragons and I like to know who has been here and how much they enjoyed our company.

Sign Guestbook View Guestbook

*the sorceress smiles as she leads you further into the large hear a low rumbling noise and start to tremble*
Don't be frightend it's only one of my gaurdian dragons. They won't hurt you if I am along with you.
*the sorceress smiles reashuringly*
Oh look this one is aleep.*she giggles* Lazy dragon.
*you silently move past the sleeping dragon and resume you journey through the hall. You hear the flapping of wings, the sound is alomost of that of a bats wings. You look everywhere until you spy a small red dragon hanging in the corner*
Don't be afraid of him that's just Aakrin, he's just very curious.

*you smile at the dragon as you pass it and enter another part of the hall*
Ahh, here we are. *the sorceress smiles and looks at you with emerald green eyes. She grasps a small crystal door knob in one hand*
This leads to all of the other parts of DRAGONFIRE.
*a small dragon flies past you and lands on the soceresses seems to be telling her something..... after a few moments the dragon flies away and the sorceress turns back to you*
I hate to leave my guest in such haste but I have alot of matters to attend to. Please continue your journey under the watch of Gregin, my dragon that oversees most parts of DRAGONFIRE. I bid you farewell and may the spirit of the dragon always be with you.
*the sorceress gives a quick wave as she dashes off in the opposite direction. You wave back but she is already out of sight. You decide to resume your journey. You grasp the crystal door knob. It's coolness fills your hand, you turn it with caution not knowing what to expect behind the old wooden door. The hinges creek in apperant need of oil. You enter another large room. In the middle of the room stands a large red dragon. You look at it with amazment as he begins to speak*

Hello and welcome stranger, my name is Gregin. I am here to show you the other parts of DRAGONFIRE. I am sure you have already met the owner.
*you knod a simple yes in responce*
Such a lovely creature isn't she and not a bad master either. I hope you have enjoyed your stay at DRAGONFIRE so far, and I hope it only gets better for you.
*the dragon smiles showing two rows of sharp white teeth*
Ok enough talk, go look aound and enjoy your time here.
*you bid the dragon a farewell as you head further into the room to discover many entrance ways, all marked with interesting plaques detailing what was behind each one*
*Which one will you choose?*






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Updates: I will soon be giving this page a much needed face lift. I wanted to change hosts but I cant find another decent one so I'm stuck with Angelfire for now. For all you loyal fans out there if there are any, I'm very sorry for the lack of activity around here. I hope to clean things up abit around here, making it easier to navagate. Thank you for your time and thank you for visiting Dragonfire. I hope to see you in the future.
Blessed Be



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