How to Select a Calendar Holder

Our calendar holder is unique because you help design it to meet your needs.
Notice the small gold-colored disk at the top of the Bulletin Board above?
It's a metal wafer that will hold the Design Magnet of your choice.
And the designs shown around the Bulletin Board
are appliqued designs with magnet on the back....
and these are just a few of the choices of designs available.

By selecting a style, background color, and a Design Magnet,
you'll have a calendar holder custom designed for you.

And don't forget that our calendar holders make wonderful gifts...
we'll ship to the address that you provide and insert a gift card.

Step One
Select a style of holder.
Would you like a calendar style that can hang on the side of your refrigerator?
Or a framed style to hang on the wall
with a writing board or bulletin board at the bottom
to leave those important notes
for family members?
You'll have a choice of three different styles of holders
on the next page.

Step Two
Pick a background color for your holder.
You will choose from three background colors to complement your decor.

Step Three
Choose a Design Magnet to decorate the top of your calendar holder.
This is really the fun part.
You get to choose any one of the Design Magnets...
and then you may purchase extra magnets
so that you can change the look of your calendar holder
as often as you wish!

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