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The 2012 Calendar Refills are available in blue ink or brown ink...order yours now!

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Update August 5, 2011...The new calendar refills for 2012 are now available.
Consider adding a new Design Magnet to your order.
Select from 8 styles or select a Holiday Magnet Set.
New designs for this fall include a Bluebonnet Texas, JOY, and a Birthday Cupcake.
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For a closer look, click on Magnet Sets section.

Holiday Magnet Set
$22.50 a set
plus $4.95 Shipping*

Holiday Magnet Set

For a closer look, click on Magnet Sets section.

Appliqued Design Magnets

Pick-a-Pack Magnet Set.
Select any three Design Magnets from the Design Magnet section.
Select a different Design Magnet from each of the three drop-down menus listed below.
Pick-a-Pack Magnet Set
$22.50 a set
plus $4.95 Shipping*

Pick-a-Pack Magnet Set

Individual Design Magnets
$8.50 each plus $2.50 Shipping
Design Magnet

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