Stewart CraftWorks Collectible China Buttons

Collectible China Buttons
Wild Wednesday

China Gaiter Work Card Set

This set of work cards consists of 5 cards designed to catalog
your china gaiters, bird cage buttons, inserted two-way self shanks, and igloos.
The work cards are my own design which I have reproduced,
hand-colored, and mounted on cream-colored mat board (9X12").
Included with the set are poly sleeves for each card.
The cards follow the Guidelines for Collecting China Buttons
and the set also includes
a two-page instruction sheet with color pictures
of each of the kinds of buttons on the cards.
$18.00 for the set of 5 cards + $3.95 for priority shipping.

China Whistle Button Worksheet Set

China Whistle Work Card Set
Two worksheets mounted on 9 X 12" mat board and ready for displaying your whistle buttons.
The worksheets are designed to be used with the
Guidelines for Collecting China Buttons
published by the National Buttons Society.
Spaces are provided for cataloging your buttons by shape, pattern, and color.
Also included in the set is a two-page instruction guide (with color pictures of 28 china whistles),
6 feet of button mounting wire (a size especially good for mounting whistles),
and 2 poly sleeves--one for each mat board.
Each worksheet is mounted on cream mat board and hand-colored with a sewing theme.
$9.00 for the set + $3.95 priority shipping to US addresses

China Button Worksheet

This original worksheet is mounted on a cream-colored 9X12" mat board
and hand-colored. The worksheet is arranged so that it follows the sections in
Guidelines for Collecting China Buttons published by the National Button Society.
A space is provided for you to mount an example of many of the types
of china buttons and the extra spaces can be used for others.
$4.00 for the mounted worksheet + $1.50 shipping to US addresses
If ordering more than one item, I'll figure the actual shipping charge for you.