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Negative E-mail responses to the Columbine Web Page - 1

To those who believe Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were misunderstood children who deserve your sympathy, consider this:
Lance Kirklin, barely conscious and savagely wounded by the two above "children", saw movement near him as he lay bleeding on the hard ground. He asked the person he could barely see for help, not knowing it was one of the gunmen.
"Sure, I'll help you," the gunman said, then pulled the trigger on his gun which ripped away the left side of Lance's face.....

Editor - Webster's Dictionary definition of "monster":
     "Anything monstrous, especially a person of unnatural or excessive ugliness,
     deformity, wickedness or cruelty.
definition of "monstrous":
     "Extraordinary on account of ugliness or viciousness. Shockingly wrong".

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I am sick of Columbine, I don't think it should have happened, but since it did, why didn't they get the right ones, I mean those of you that won't let it DIE.

Editor - If you're sick of it, why are you surfing these Web pages....??

Although a full response would require more time and effort, I would only like to say that your judgement of the whole Colombine incident is out of context. Why do you deem the two students responsible for their classmate's deaths as "monsters"? If you read the reports, you'll understand that the reason motivating the tragedy was not an act of evil or deliberate malice, but long-built hostility from being outcasted by the school and the community. I ask you to reason your claim: Who are the heroes, you ask? Who are the victims, you ask? The two students died without a voice defending their actions or the motive driving their decision to act. The two students were outcasted by a school that made no attempt to hear their opinons, their judgement, their conflicts of principle and spirit. Who was there to reason with the two students? Don't you believe that that was the greater crime? That a school and a community allowed such an action to take place? Not because the pipe bombs weren't caught beforehand, but because their voices went unheard?

Editor - Actually, the several hours of "suicide note" video tapes left behind by the two monsters named Harris and Klebold, state that they did not do it to get even. They were under the delusional belief that it would make them famous, and it would trigger a "domestic war". They were the same sort of ego-maniacal, demented sociopaths that spawned another "savior" who was named Charles Manson.

You are like a homosexual, you cannot leave people rest as they cannot leave evil sex alone. Are you a dope head?
Grow up and put things where they belong, with the parents. I don't know who you are, but you media attitude (NOTE: Webmaster reserves the right to publish e-mails, with or without comment.) is not good for anyone. There's a bunch of females (not moms) trying aid your stupid ways now and creating unrest with a lot of others. Oh drop dead....

Editor - Sooooo, you are a homosexual who believes the fault is with the parents?

Hey, I think it was wrong for those boys to kill all those people and wound several others. It was wrong!!! I wouldn't call them monsters though. I mean that was totally sick, but we are all equal no matter what happens. I mean if we think like that we are sick, to call them monsters is something else. I think most of it would just stop if we let God in the school. Maybe they didn't feel loved. If that was what they though then if they knew about God then they would know someone loved them. Another thing. Every single last one of those people that died it was there time to go. It was time for them to go some where better. If they didn't die from the shootings they would have died some other way. It was meant. I tell my self this every time a loved one of some one dies I tell them it was there time to go. I wish that there was no such thing as preps, freaks, scrubs, and normal people. That is just the thing. If people didn't think like that I'm sure that there wouldn't be as much school violence. At our school we have a major problem of preps and freaks. I am scared to death to go to school. We used to have this one boy that went to our school he was constantly made fun of. He mad hit list all the time but nothing ever happened to him. I asked him about it one time and he said he only put down the names of people who make fun of him. Right there is the problem. Maybe they were made fun of and picked on all the time and it just made them mad. Tell me one person that doesn't get mad. They will all deny it then eventually they will notice somewhere in them it hurt. Then people have to take there anger out on something and for themit must have been the students that made fun of them. I wish the school would just let God in the schools.
I got this one e-mail that was sent to me by a friend it is totally the truth it is a school prayer it is the truth I agree with it. We can cuss get in fights and every thing and they have finally outlawed the gun. you know what they outlawed first though??? The Bible. My friend got in trouble for having RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE (a music group) on her t-shirt but everyone else can have anarchy signs on there shirts and all kinds of other stuff. Its not right. I just wish it could be dropped now. It's over with and when you bring it back up it stirs people and reminds them of all the pain they went through and what they are probably still going through.

Hello My name is Bubbles. I think you have no right what so ever to call Eric and Dylon MOnsters. I know what probably went through their minds. You have no right to catorigize them. That is probably the same thing that drove them to this maddness. People putting them in with their opinions. If people would just find out who they were on the inside then maybe this wouldn't have happend. Instead people judged them for their clothes and the way they acted. You have no right. You didn't know who they were. All you know is that they were MONSTERS. The real monsters are those who hurt people to make themselves feel better. If you want personal gain then go find some one else to pick on. You are not God so don't try to judge these boys. The Bible says that they KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO. Maybe you should learn from the bible. In other words why don't you grow up and get a life. Stay out of these boys life. I think you will be very disappointed if you end up in hell for your judgment while they are sitting with God. Everyone deserves forgiveness. If you want to put this in the "NEGATIVE" box then go ahead but it is the truth and you know it. Have a good day.

Editor - Hi Bubbles. This is not Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia or Communist China. I spent 5 years serving my country to protect the "right" of everyone to express their opinion. My opinion is that these monsters were monsters, big time!
I also have the right to state that I find it ludicrous that some naive infant has the nerve to tell me what I have a "right" to say.
I also don't think that even God would want to sit with these particular monsters.

I cant see how u can call them monsters. First of all they were picked on all the time even though thats still no reason to kill people u have no right calling them momnsters so watch what u say

Editor - or you will do..... what?

i think that 1st of all the title is one of the world's worth thing you could say about some ppl. and they were NOT monsters......if anyone it is it would be you 4 saying that. which you are not. they were human beigns who did a bad thing. i do not agree w/ what they did. but i do think that they were deeply troubled ppl. and it didn't help 2 have ppl always making fun of them the way some ppl did. that is the reason why they acted out the way they did. and i do beleive that they were misunderstood, and i am very proud 2 say that.

To The Editor of This Page: I would like to start out by letting you know that you have no right assaulting the spelling errors of others in your "negative comments" section. I am quite sure that the Columbine shootings did NOT happen before 1970... and i quote from YOUR page: " In Burlington, Wisconsin, 5 students, all boys aged 15 and 16, were arrested for conspiracy to commit murder. This happened on Nov. 15, ***1968***, five months before the Columbine tragedy. Two of the boys were subsequently released as they had dropped out of the "conspiracy" before the arrests." Where were you for that one? Anyhow, I'll not resort to the childish challenges you post for each of your negative comments, as it only belittles me and this letter in general. But I digress...
I visited your site in order to obtain facts the shooting, as for an American Literature Honors assignment I am to write a piece of recent historical fiction. My story details a sad commentary on societies reaction to a media pumped "common event", and the restrictions that follow.
I would like to applaud your site for being an epitome of everything I am writing about. When your site begins with a "whos to blame section" you automatically push the issue. Whenever something big happens someone must be blamed in society, according to the media, yet no one wants to take responsibility. No one, including yourself, is able to accept the fact that this is NOT a special incident, it happens all the time, and that people must DEAL with it, instead of having to blame or convict someone, or pass new legistlation. As one who has been depressed, criticized, misunderstood, and ostricized (sp?) for a majority of his teenage years, I can understand as much as anyone where these kids were coming from. HOWEVER, UNLIKE YOU, I do NOT set my own intentions and feelings as a standard for what is normal or what is good. I do NOT say that because I was not liked as a teen (I read that in your EDITOR comment somewhere) that just because I didn't kill anyone makes them monsters for doing so. Remember I dont condone or respect what they did, but the fact remains it happened, and we must simply accept that. You place another comment to a letter saying you shouldn't memorialize "monsters" like this (a name you used in a seperate comment).
What do you think this page does editor? If you believe in Heaven and Hell (I dont) you must realize that you are publicizing two kids whom committed this act out of a hatred for those whom got the attention. Look, now their in the spotlight, goody for them..... Way to Go Editor, Hypocrisy Is #1. Sincerely, The Monkey
P.S. Try not to be too immature responding to this, I'd hate to be dissapointed.

Editor - Gosh, if I could only be you

I feel that you are not thinking of what that killers must have been going through. I think that if was unfair to call them monsters. They are just normal children that have done horrible this but still they are children.
I do not agree with todays justice syteme. But I do have hope that they will become somehow aware of the fear that they have placed apond the schools of this era.

Your website is really well done...this whole situation is tragic, but there's only one thing that bothers me (i just hope this isn't tasteless)...does everyone think it would have been as much of a story if it had happened to a non-white, non-middle class highschool?...honestly, i don't think it would have had the same impact on people and the Colombine situation has had on life and i right for bringing up this question?...I believe that the major reason that this terrible incident is still in our hearts is because it happened to 'one of us' really brings the whole situation close to's really sad to say, but I really do believe that if this had happened in a predominantly black area, and not an area of 'average or above average' upbringing, the situation would be different now...your theory?
Also, there are a few problems i have with your site...the idea that situations like this could be 'controlled' or 'manipulated' by outside, authoritative responses...the idea that all of these things could have been different if 'someone would have turned these two kids in'...unfortunately, in a system like America's the good also comes with the VERY bad...and however unfortunate it may be, the two kids (up until the point of action) WERE protected under the First, to what degree Colorado takes it's 'conspiracy to commit harm' laws, i'm not certain...a person (however unfortunate it may be) DOES have and SHOULD have the right of free speech...the sad thing is where to draw the line...when is free speech dangerous to people and when should it be curtailed?...this is the question
Dylan and Eric were sad and terrible children...but the idea that you use quotes to define them as "children" is unnerving...they were children, but very, very disturbed and terrible...could they have been changed?...that's a question for the courts and the clergy to decide...but when i first heard about the Colombine Trajedy, the first thing i asked was "I wonder what made these two kids do something as terrible as this?"...your website, while understandably filled with anger and rage at the lack of answers and the lack of a perpetrator, answers thus really is that simple...the father who tore down the two crosses symbolizing their memory repeated this situation...yes, he was mourning and very upset (but still accountable for certain actions?), but it's hate that kills and's hate that he's hate that made Dylan and Eric kill, and it's hate that brought them to such a point...
Thank you for your time...I hope i brought up a point that needs to be discussed further...I wish you and all others well

Hale little minds!!!! I Am Lafe Erickson... I see too much folly on this poor thing that happened. One. Games Are Just Games..I.E. DOOM Had nothing to do with this thing.. Two. If you shoot more than 400 rounds and Kill only 13, your a bad shot, and if by chance you want to blame DOOM then the 400 / 13 ras. is damn good I say teach all children to Play doom... at least there be bad shots, so you sheep can run out when the lead starts fling...Three.Let Jocks get to do what they wish then the punks will one day rise up and KILL, Law of nature, sorry all Its too true.. so If you want more shotings and killings I say teach your cheldren to Make fun of the geeks, who Knows one might Have a gun and amo with your name on it..Four. I am sorry for loss, dis-belive me if Ya want, but its true Five..... Whens the Last time you talked to your kid?? do you know whats in his/her mind??
Do you want to know?? Prob not, I bet.. you like to think that children are just Kids And not killers too, (under the right conditions) Six... just one thought for the Mindless Masses If All Had Guns Not Manny Would Have Died.. sorry Rossie, Your wrong... Guns Not Prob... if the had only Knifes then..hmm did I Misspelled Knife?? ohh well.. if they Had Nifes, no its Knifes, I was right.. lost my train of thought.. sorry.. THEN they would have kill any way, and all you would be saying is WE MUST GET RID OF THE SWORDS!!! yeah I'm right you Know I AM, so heres you a dirty hanky go boo-hoo in the corner and think of what is not said..... hmmm i ramble on don't I.... Maybe it is because once long ago I talked a friend from shooting up a school right out side of the dame Place, and if you seen what he had gone through, you prob help him with the amo clips.... but i skiped school and bought some pepsi and drank and ate it at his house all day so he would not go insane and kill all the sheep-prepy-A** Holes- that would pick on him because how he talked, walked, smelt, etc.... I could have Just walked Away... And let him blow away all thouse people i hated too... but lets be honest... there get what they diserve.. they always do....
Hero Of Old, Friend of Good, Lafe R. Erickson

December 22, 1999
I thought that the information you gathered was nice. But the way that you categorized some of the information was not, how can i say this, the best way to display all of it. The title disturbed me because these killers were not monsters, they were just people like you and me with different issues. When you divided the e-mails in to 2 categories, this was not the best way to deal with the both positive and negative criticism. You should know that you are going to be criticized no matter how well of a job you think you did on covering both sides of this tragic event in history. Each person is entitled to their opinion, but there is no one true, correct opinion. I think that you should erase the editors notes after each "negative" message.
You can't please everyone who comes to look at your site, but don't attack those people who do come to see, and don't like. Give them a break, as I said, everyone has the right to their own opinion. Just take their requests and opinions in a more neutral stand point and take a second to stop and try to see where they stand on this very different and tragic event. Please do not take this as negative critcism, I would just like to see a better site arise from the site you have created. Please write back to me with your criticism of my opinions and criticism. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I just would like to say that the impact of the whole event was huge, but it doesn't really give you the right to call two boys monsters. I know what it's like to be an outcast at school and it really offends me when you talk about them in such a hateful manor. I know everyone has an opinion about this, but at least give Dylan and Eric some credit.
It's very hard to be different and ending your life sometimes, feels like the right thing to do, but I know, it's not. I would just like you to give them some respect and i know killing is not the answer, but to troubled teens it feels like the only way out sometimes. Killing the 13 other people was just a way for them to let everyone know that the teasing went to heart, it may seem to you like the wrong thing to do, but if you have that much anger in you it can. I never did know them, but I do have a lot of respect for them and wish you and everyone else would too. You don't have to respect them, but I do.
If you could write back to me that would be great;

I think that labeling Klebold and Harris "MONSTERS" without having a real idea of what they had been through to drive them to that state shows the type of narrow-mindedness that caused this tragedy.
I'm not going to say that Klebold and Harris are heroes, or that they did something that people should copy, but you need to remember that what they did was the result of years of harassment and bullying, the likes of which would result in million dollar lawsuits if it happened in the adult workplace. School is almost a form of torture if you don't fit in. Learning is at the absolute bottom of your priorities when you have to deal with constant abuse.
Imagine having a job where you can't quit, where you are legally mandated to show up every day, where you are harrassed and picked on constantly without any type of break or mercy, and where you have known no other way of life. Authority figures turn a blind eye. Complaining to supervisors only makes it worse. Imagine having to go to this job for 12 years. Are YOU so strong that you wouldn't become a little warped? A little angry at the world?
These kids, and millions of others like them (including me, back in the day), are just expected by society to put up with this every day and to accept relentless bullying and humiliation as a part of everyday life. Is that a healthy attitude to teach them?
You, and 99 percent of the media and government, need to address the causes of this type of anger in our schools, which are constant harassment and bullying, and not the symptoms, i.e. people flipping out due to constant harrassment and bullying.

I think that this site is very informative and has told me a lot about the incident. I don't, however, agree with the title "Monsters among us" It could have been comments like these which caused this horrific event. I'd also like to say that to the family of the victims that I am sorry and that it must be so hard to get their lifes back on track but they are all trying.

ya know, it's right and dandy to set up a website explaining the horrors of it, but it is not good for the media and your site to condemn goths for this. the shooters were NOT goths-dressing up in trenchcoats and listening to that dumbass Manson does not make you a goth. they didn't consider themselves goths, and the rest of the trenchcoat mafia did not consider themselves goths either. If the persecution of goths continues, and if they are continued to be used as scapegoats, then you cannot expect for them not to retaliate. I don't want to see another episode of this massacre. blame who was responsible-these to psychos, NOT gothic culture.

Editor: Hmmmm. I just re-read the section on "Cliques", and didn't find a single condemnation; simply asked some questions about this particular incident. Interestingly, the word "Goth" is not mentioned at all. Were you referring to some other Web site perhaps?

I am disappointed to find such a horrible site. It is people like you who shape people like Harris and Klebold. You don't seem to understand that these boys wanted to be liked by others, but weren't quite able to do it themselves (probably shy). Instead of trying to be their freinds, the students ridiculed and made fun of the two boys because of their differences. Now, I don't condone what the boys did, but I don't think the students are as innocent as you make them out to be. Because of their close minded attitudes, the students made judgement calls on the two boys based on looks and musical interest alone. They didn't try to get to know the two boys, or anything like that. Maybe you need to open your mind instead of being so set on condemning every person who's actions you disagree with.

Editor: Gosh, I thought I had said that on the main page. Oh, well......

Hello, I am a 16 year old gothic girl. I don't appreciate how you said that we should not include Eric and Dylan in a memorial. Now, these guys seemed like good students and they probably didn't mess with anyone. But, just like in my case, people who say that they are "normal" pick on the dark, well hid, kids who don't want anything to do with these "normal" (expletive). So in my opion, the dead kids practaclly killed themselves, this should also teach the "normal" people to LEAVE US WEIRD PEOPLE THE (expletive) ALONE UNLESS YOU WANT A (expletive)ING BULLET IN YOUR (expletive)ING HEAD LIKE THOES OTHER (expletive)ERS!!!
P.S. Give them a memorial and throw the other dead goody-goodies in the ocean!!!

Editor: Hi Sweet-ums. Where you say "Annyoums", did you really mean to say "anonymous? By the way, you can't remain anonymous, if you leave, as you did, a valid E-mail return address.

i think that it is unfair of you people not to include harris and klebold. they were victims toa and they also did die. You can not hold them responsible for everything they must of had something to triggure them into doing something this wrong. Think about thier parents looking at things like this and there sons are not in the memorial part. How do u think u would feel.
I know they did kill people but like i said they wer victims to and i think it would be the right thing to add them to the memorial.

Editor: There are no winners in this incident. As a parent, I would feel terrible if one of my children committed these horrible acts; as a parent, I would also realize that you don't memorialize mass murderers. That's the reason you find no memorials to Hitler in modern day Germany.

This website is pathetic and should be shut down. This nonsense is getting to be so old now who really cares?
Tragedy happens on a daily basis in this world, so move on like everyone else.

Editor: Actually I care. The fact that you are an insensitive, un-caring person doesn't mean that all of us need to be! Your "moving on" comment is the same sort of denial that will propogate the Hitlers of the future. I suppose that you don't believe in the holocaust either. Too bad. Your kind is always the one to suffer first, when it happens again. Those who do care, try to change it for the better; those that don't, contribute to the problem.

Hello, I am an 18 year old student at university in Scotland. When I first heard of the tragedy, I was shocked to say the least. I sympathise completely with the families of the murdered. But I have issues with the way that the social group the murderers belonged to or were described in the press as belonging to was treated in the aftermath of the massacre. I am what society refers to as goth. I wear black, I like dark stuff, and "scary" music, so therefore I am goth...allegedly. Anyhoo, I was insulted to hear all this crap about goths all being killers and obsessed with death. Just because the killers wore trenchcoats and listened to Marilyn Manson, (which I might add, does not make one a goth) it gave us all a bad name.
I don't want to get into a debate about media effects, or anything like that, but I feel that we were treated unfairly. To make matters worse, for me, I had bought a full length leather jacket the day before the massacre, and everytime I wore it I was shouted at by people in the street. It just shows how shallow people seem to be. I can understand the hurt that these sickos caused, and in no way do I condone it, I just feel that to be slagged off because I wear black is atrocious. The killers were not goth, they were messed up fools. Many people see goths as threatening and unapproachable, but if you talk to us, or at least get to know us, you will find out that we are so much nicer than many of the vain, so called "popular" groups of people, who ride upon looks and money above all else.

Absolutley nothing personal, but I feel that anyone that took part in this site is extremely judgemental and do not have open minds. Your site is one of the many reasons that these kids did what they did. It is people like you that made these kids feel the way they did. Why do you think that they felt the way they did towards certain people. Just the title itself is very insulting. "Monsters Among Us", how could you possibly call them monsters if you are human being just like the rest of us. They were just kids that liked to express themselves and people like you who put them down and belittled them are the cause of their actions to begin with. People need to open there eyes and relize that not everyone is going to be the same. We all have a different outlook on life and no one has the right to judge that outlook. they weren't the offenders they were practically the victim. Some look at them as horrid creatures and others look at them as heroes who died for what they believed in. I fel that they were just mistreated and misunderstood.
Well thank you for listening to what I had to say

Editor: Yeah, you're right. I'm very judgemental when it comes to people who kill 13 other people for their own personal satisfaction. If you think killing is a way of "expressing" yourself and you think the killers are heroes, I hope you never come into my neighborhood!

Klebold and Harris were NOT monsters.
They were human beings who were so badly treated that they finally fought back. There is nothing monstrous about that. If you really want to prevent this tragedy, change the title of your website so that we can learn to see past the hateful labels that led to this tragedy.
Teacher at (name deleted) High School

Editor: If you don't think that killing 13 innocent people is monstrous, I am certainly glad that you don't spread that kind of sick thinking by teaching in a school near me!

Hey i would like to say.... that no matter what awny one says the publicity is SICKNING ON THIS SUBJECT ..... give these kids some time to greev alone ! and to sit there and let out personal problems and what ever eles the PRESS can get abotu those kids ARE SICKINING ! i know alls you want to do is help get you opinion out what ever .... but just look at what you are contributing to .... i turned the news on and there were reporters in side of Columbine high ... HAHA how pothedice its all abotu how many people can hiot your sight and how good of reviews the news can get for public ... its sickning ..... its time now to let go of the tradgity and move on...........

i can not believe that you call this site Monsters among us. whats wrong with you. its people like you that made kids like these go over the edge. they weren't monsters they were misunderstood.

Editor: Amazing! Now it's my fault that these poor, innocent little boys killed 13 people and wounded 2 dozen more! I didn't make them monsters; I had never even heard of them before the massacre they perpetrated. If killing 13 people and wounding/maiming/destroying lives of 2 dozen more doesn't make them monsters, I don't know what to say. Perhaps the dead students should simply stand up and say, "oh, I misunderstood your intentions. Sorry bout that. Now you don't have to shoot me."

The person writing the above should have to take those "misunderstood" boys into her home and try to nurture them.

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