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My Poetry Page

This page contains some poems i have written as well as a few written by Casey


As I lay here in bed 
I think of what you said
My mind drifts like a big balloon
back to you way to soon
I dream by the light of the moon
and watch the rain pour down
from the clouds
Just as the pain pours from my heart
What I'd give for a new start
or to be back in your arms
Those arms that always held
me when I was low
and encouraged me to go
I've gone to far
I've wandered to far
I need you to show me the way
back to where I belong
I need you take me 
back home.


you put me in this cage
and threw away the key
you say I'm crazy 
I can't handle reality
Will you ever learn?
I must suffer because
of your mistakes
You can sit back and 
enjoy life when
I'm not there
If I leave,
you don't care
just give a glare
If you didn't want me
then why am I here?
You use me as your slave
You keep me near
unless i shed a tear
then you   push me away
but ask me to stay
I cannot live with
this confusion
I cannot pay for      
your mistakes
you will pay
and I will fly away
You will pay
for what you have done
for all eternity
you will burn
in hell
as I sit above you
and feel no sorrow
I have no shame
I have no pity
your life will not
be the same
but mine will be
great once again

Song to a Heroin Addict

One more shot
he packs it tight
shoots it up 
strong and white
He sits alone in
black so long
Electric guitar
he picks a song
Metal on metal
so strung out
Long dark hair
He flings it about
The pain revives me
so sato am I
His tears get me drunk
His blood gets me high
Acoustics of glass
The walls give all back
I play out my anger
Which gives me no slack
and now in this prison
I beat at my mind
Hoping for peace
But nothing I find....

Sometimes weed is great for a high
You forget all your worries
You seem to fly
This plant is so great
But sometimes it seems to use
you as bait
Why is it that GOD made a plant
which makes you see things
And feel things so wonderful you can't
believe you feel no trouble
You may be paranoid
But oh that's nothing compared to the good things
But when the high is gone
Your troubles and depression
seem to  come back
So then to make it all go away
You go back to the weed
and there's no more plead
Fuck the world you say
as you take a big hit
you hear your heart beat
Here goes another
Great Trip.


I want to cry
but I don't know why
I want to die
and I still don't know why
All the lies have been said
all the stories told
My heart has already been sold
Why do I feel so old?
Who has the answers?
Who has the key?
Who cares for me?
As I stare into emptiness all i see
is  Darkness
I'm slowly going insane

Home Sweet Home

What is home?
Home is where the heart is
I'm not at home
My life is somewhere else
as I begin to think
of it, a tear comes to my eye
and I have to wonder why
my home is hell
Why, I can't tell
It just is
My life just is
It has no meaning
I belong home
This is not my home
They try so hard
yet my heart is scarred
The pain I feel
eats away at me 
My life means 
nothing now
I live in January's
perpetual agony
I must go home
I must follow my heart

Even The Rain

When I feel the rain on my face,
I'm reminded of the blood flowing
through my veins
and through my black soul
I am not alive
yet I am not dead
My blood runs cold
My face is pale
The tears are no longer shed
The pain is fled
Misery and Despair
are my only companions
I will never again feel the sun 
upon my face
nor the comfort of a grave
There is nothing left to save
I have become a slave
Life is Hell
Death is sanctuary
Yet I can have neither
I am wandering aimlessly
I have no where to go
my life is pointless
everything is pain
Even the rain

Silverfish  		By: Belly

Well I'd be a stranger
in your movie
is there a place for me
in the patterns that glow
in your skin & your clothes
hold him
hold his thin frame
in your arms
when everything flows from his skin & his clothes
I'm flying so high in silverfish
line his pocket
silverfish, flying so high
hold him
in your arms
when everything glows on his skin
I've been much stranger
I've watched you
from afar
now everything glows on my skin & my clothes
flying so high in silverfish
line his pocket
flying so over your head
line his pocket
line his pocket
flying so over your head

Thinking of You

As I think of you,
a tear comes to my eye
and I have to wonder why
It was my choice 
that ended our plan
Why do I feel such pain
when I begin
thinking of you?
If I wanted to know why
I would ask myself
I know why
I feel pain for my baby
that will have no daddy
He will never know what a 
great person his daddy was
even to the end
My pain comes from fear
fear of the unknown
the unknown is wondering
how I can make it alone
alone and without you
my fear brings another tear
This tear is for regret
How could I have just
thrown away all this time
you say I'll forgive you
but I won't forget you
I've forgiven you and you've 
made it impossible to forget you
I still haven't forgiven myself 
for thinking of you

Trade Places

I saw the knife at your throat
with a gun to my head
What more can be said?
I saw you lie
I watched you    try
I saw you die
You didn't have to go
I couldn't say no
I'd take your place
just to fill the empty space
I'm so filled with grief
It's so hard to believe
The truth will never be told
All the lies are sold
Your death has come to soon
Why did you go before me?
I still recall how your
blood covered the grass
How he said "we'll kill your ass!"
I wish they had
Maybe I wouldn't be so sad
I don't know why you 
had to die
Life is such a lie
With blood on my hands,
I said my final goodbye
If only you didn't die


I'm trapped in this hell
But who to tell?
She wants me to stay
He wants me home
They both think they know what's best
I'm to young to protest
My life is hell
I have no one to tell
I want to die but I don't know why
Why live?
Death is how to escape
I just want to escape
Which is easier?
Life or Death?
Without you it's impossible to tell
Tell me how to live
Show me the things I can't see
I hope you need me
I wish you would say you need me
You always were the one to show me how
How to live 
How to love
If you had only stayed
If I hadn't strayed
Maybe I'd be where I belong, 
at home, in your arms
The only place I ever wanted to be
I'm trapped in this hell 
But who to tell?